Friday, 7 October 2016

Do you know God?

You know your Parents; you know your Friends; you know your Colleagues. You know them well enough- to live with them; be with them; relate with them.

But do you know God?

You may ask: "how do I know God?"— God is not a being that we Can see and talk to.

That's why God spoke to us, through the lives of the Prophets; Saints and through HIS beloved Son- about HIS Love for us.

If we live in HIS love, HE will live with us, and be our life. God spoke to us about HIS Love and Holiness, through the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the living word of God.

The Holy scriptures1(the life giving word; the Spirit) is a gateway to Eternal Life. It is the mirror of God2. It is the book of Life. It is  a Holy reminder  of God's Love for us.

Do you  read it frequently, to Come to the knowledge of God and grow in HIS Love and reverence?

St.Augustine's life was a mess. He read it and the Mercy of God transformed him into a new creation. Many others3 read it and lived in it and their life,too, was changed for the better.

You may have gone through rough moments of your life- lost your Parent; Brother; Sister; Friend- you blamed it all on God- in whom you least cared.

And now- you live a faithless life.

How can you blame God, when you have not lived in HIS Love?— to understand HIS Love.

The lives of the Prophets and Saints speak about God's Love for us. God is for our own good. God has best plans for our life. Those who love God, trusts in God's plan.

Harden not your heart against the love of God. come! build your faith and love relationship with God and be transformed and renewed in HIS Faithful-Love.

1."The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life."[John 6:63]
"Anyone who loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we shall come to him and make a home in him". (John 14:23))

2.the Holy Scriptures, tells us the truth of our life and our soul. It is the mirror, that grants us the Grace of God and brings us back safely to our Heavenly abode.

3.those who were confused about God; those who were searching for God.

Faith in God

For those who believe in God- God is a Truth; a Faith; a Hope; a reality which is alive and active.

For those who unbelieve in God- God is just a mere word; a theory; a concept; a myth; a lie; a superstition.

Prayer for Life

Oh God, make my life Simple, Beautiful and Holy.

Sin of 'disbelief in God'

Sin of 'disbelief in God' is greater than many other serious sins you may have committed in your life.

'Disbelief' completely alienates us from the love of God. It leaves no hope for the Mercy of God.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The greatest burden of our life

The greatest burden of our life is 'sin'.

Our Lord, unloaded this burden from our life, by HIS death on the cross, for our salvation.

The little burden of life, which we carry daily, is  the consequence of our own weak flesh- our unfaithfulness in keeping HIS commandments.

In this regard, HE says: "take up your cross daily, and follow me..."

For yoked with Christ, we'll receive the strength, to carry our cross and to persevere in HIM, till we reach the 'Eternal Kingdom of God'.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


We all have the goodness of virtues1 in us, to a greater or lesser extent. And most of our life, we engage our virtues in worldly pursuits2.

We are the creatures made in flesh and Spirit. In this life, we have a part to play (in flesh) in this world and a Holy duty3 to perform (in Spirit) towards God.

Our life will become Meaningful, Worthy and more Beautiful- if we balance our virtues on both sides.

1.Patience; Perseverance; Faith; Hope; Diligence.

2.Achieving our goals; fulfilling our dreams; satisfying our passions.

3.Thanking God; honoring HIM; obeying HIS statutes.

Our Life- a moment's play

Our life is a moment's play.

How we play1 each moment, determines the quality and worth of our life.

Each moment of our life is a choiceful living- to live a life, full of Grace or to live a disgraceful life; to honor God's presence or to ignore God; to obey God's commandments or to flout God's Commandment; to live a faithful life or to live an unfaithful life; to live a life of uprightness or to live a life of sin.

It is very difficult to win every moment for the reverence of God. But if we are determined2 to live in the reverence of God- then God's Grace is sufficient for us, to win the spiritual battle. in the reverence of God.

2.Daniel and his Companions were determined to obey God's Commandments and not to defile themselves with the food and wine from the royal table- God granted them HIS faithful Love. [ Daniel 1:8 ]

No one can hurt you, if you are determined to do only what is right. [ 1Peter 3:13 ]