Saturday, 15 October 2016

Goliath vs David

When wickedness stands united in one strength, looming against the Goodness,

then take courage and stand firm in your Faith in God, like young David.

For the armies of the living God will battle on your side and defeat the strength of the mighty Goliath1 with a mere sling2 and a stone.

1.Goliath- Wickedness. and a stone- the strength of your faith in God.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Refreshment for our heart

Things of this transient world provides temporary refreshment to our heart.

Our hearts' true delight is God.

And in God alone, it finds true Peace and true Happiness.

Under one roof

For two people, to live under one roof, they need Love.
Love- that understands their differences.
Love- that shares their responsibilities.

This kind of Love, only comes from God.

God's Mercy lovingly awaits us

The Tempter strives to make our unworthiness seem undeserving of God's Mercy. He strives to bind us in our unworthiness and to keep us away from God's healing Grace.

Let's not forget- that, no matter how much we sin, God's Grace is always greater than all our sins. God's Mercy lovingly awaits us all the time.

So don't be ashamed of approaching God's altar. Only take diligent care, to meet God, with humility and a repentant heart- unlike Pharisee.

Unfaithfulness to God- self-invasion

God's commandments are our strong rampart- it guards our soul; it guards our life; it guards our nation.

If you fail to obey God's commandments- all three will be invaded.

Only Love of God unites us

Nationalities separates us;

Cultures separates us;

Colors separates us;

Race separates us;

Only Love of God unites us.

People prefer to live according to their nationalities; their cultures; their race, rather than living according to the commandments of God. Only God's commandment of Love, will bring Peace and unity in this world.

Married Life

The primary purpose of married life is not for carnal satisfaction. If the first rung of your married life begins on sexual satisfaction, then your life is headed for ruin.

The purpose of married life is- to live life in love; to share life in love; to share responsibilities and difficulties in love; to live a life of mutual companionship in love; to bring forth your offspring in love.  

When sexual relationship is handled with lust, it seeks sexual satisfaction. sexual relationship  needs to be handled in love- " I take my wife in singleness of heart- not for any lustful motive." [Tobit 8:7 ]

Connected in God's Love

We ourselves create a burden; difficulties and miseries in our life- when we don't reciprocate with each other in God's Love. God created this world in HIS Love. And HE ordained it to be lived in HIS Love. Our heart understands the language of Love.

If we don't live in HIS Love, we cannot connect with each other.

Without God's love in our life- we all live a life of mess.

This world is meant to be connected in God's Love- unfortunately, it is otherwise- broken up with self-love; pride; lust and every kind of malice.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

God's Commandments- an elixir of Life

We have several questions about life, viz. should man and woman have equal rights? how to put an end to corruption? how to end hostile relationship between the nations? how to put an end to terrorism? etc.

The only perfect solution to all the complexities of life is- 'God's commandments'.

God's commandment is the backbone and foundation of our life. God's commandment acts as a salt1 to our life. It corrects the crookedness2 of our life.

Away from God, we become vulnerable to every kind of evil3. Our life becomes warped- every natural desire and feeling gets  significantly distorted. we live a faithless and lawless life- when we live according to our whims and natural inclinations. Consequently, we create a mess of our life and increase the complexities in our life.

God's commandment simplifies our life; it clears all confusion and mess of our life and brings back everything in right order.

But you may ask- how?

In this regard the Holy scripture says: "taste4 and see, that the Lord is good."[Psalm34:8]

1. adds flavor.

2.wrong attitudes; wrong ways of living; wrong perspectives.

3. perversion; unfaithfulness and immorality.

4. practice God's commandments in our daily life.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Life in Humility

We must always walk in Humility1- because it takes not much time for a good Christian, to turn into a Pharisee2 and  a Virtue3, to turn into a vice.

1. Humility in God.

2. overly uprightness of the Pharisees became their downfall- they missed Humility. In their lack of Humility, they failed to recognize God and to acknowledge the works of God.

3. Virtue of God should always be practiced with moderation and with Humility.