Saturday, 22 October 2016

Reverence of God

Unless we earnestly seek the Holiness of God, we'll never understand the Reverence of God.

Life, without the Reverence of God is worthless.

Life of Littleness

" Unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven." [Mt 18:3]
       Littleness is the freshness and liveliness of our life. Without littleness, we are like fruitless tree- good for nothing !
Through the virtue of Humility, we become like little children. This littleness is nourished, only by living in God's presence- making the " word of God " our spiritual home. Our littleness, when planted near this *living water, will never become arid. Our life will bear the fruits of Peace; Joy and Happiness- giving Glory to God on earth.

* Holy Bible

Life- a chess game

Life is like a chess game.  Your opponent is 'Satan'- the enemy of God; the enemy of your soul. The moves you make- the decisions you take in your life; the principles by which you live; your faith or unbelief in God, affects your life. While journeying through life, you need to be aware of your *opponent's moves, lest you loose the battle. since your opponent is no visible being- but the principalities of darkness. You need to be even more cautious. Living your life in God or devoid of God, without being aware of your enemy(the tempter) is a foolish mistake. people who live a life of faith in God, without being aware of the presence of the enemy, falls an easy prey to the 'tempter'.    
     The only way to defend your opponent's moves, is by living in the love of God- through Prayer; Scripture reading; Spiritual reading; attending Holy Mass. Your opponent is a shrewd player. He will never give up on you. He has the power to influence your moves and direct your life. Your *lack of faith in God, provides him greater advantage  to win the battle and enslave your soul. A life of *Humility in God, will secure your life and defend enemy's tactics to win your soul.
    Another weakness of the world, is to disbelieve in the existence of evil- this again, is to his greatest advantage, in confusing human minds and misleading them.
    Wise living is a watchful living- being constantly aware of the signs of the times and the motions of your heart- where your heart  leads you. A heart that is influenced by the vanities of the world is enslaved by the 'tempter' and is on the way to destruction. A heart that treasures God, is full of light and no infernal force can overpower it.

* how the world is influencing your thoughts; your life etc.

*Your lack of faith in God, leads you to sin of pride, which eventually ends in fatal damnation.

*Humble  submission to God.

Paths of Life

There are two paths of life viz. the way of Christ and the way of the world.

The way of Christ is  of Love- love which believes in God.
The way of the world is of Love- which is devoid of God.

The way of Christ  passes through *suffering and leads to Eternal Glory.
The way of the world suffers due to human weakness and wickedness and perishes into Eternal damnation.

The way of Christ enjoys Peace and Joy in the midst of sufferings and lasts till the end of life.
The way of the world lulls into mesmeric Peace, which brings *anxiety at the end of life.

*suffering at the hands of the unjust world.
*anxiety, which eats the soul.

(The prince of  this world is shrewd and his ways seem similar to that of light, but eventually, it deceives from reaching the Eternal light.)

Knowledge of the world

 Knowledge of the world has the power to confuse and corrupt human will and understanding.

Only Humility1 in God, can protect us from the corrupt2 knowledge of the world.

1. humble submission to God.

2. knowledge of the world can never lead us to God.

( Knowledge of the world is incapable of understanding the happenings in the world- it causes discouragement and eventually weakens our Faith in God. Only through wisdom of God, we can truly understand God's will- and everything that happens to us and around us. )

The Beauty of God's Wisdom

The Beauty of *Wisdom is such, that it speaks more with brief little words.

Wisdom  doesn't need a great length of time to accomplish it's work-

Wisdom did the work of salvation through Jesus Christ, in just 3 years
and completed the work of creation in 6 days.

* God's Wisdom.

Heaven is not for display

The vanity of this world is on display, for all- *Heaven is not for display.

It is  reserved only for those who perseveringly believe and  who humbly live in God.

* things of God- Heaven; Angels; Purgatory; Blessed souls.

Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter

Two prototypical examples of two paths of life are Judas Iscariot and Simon peter.
Both of them offended the Lord, through the weakness of their weak faith. And both of them reacted differently, through their faith.

Peter became aware of his weakness ( his sin ) through his humility in God and persevered in Christ. On the other hand, Judas was overcome by the sense of his guilt and his lack of trust in the Mercy of God and was  led to damnation.

Likewise, a Christian1 Believer perseveres in God, despite his weak faith; weak human nature and weak understanding- while an Atheist2 is overcome by his pride; his stubbornness and lack of trust in God.

1. in the manner of peter

2. in the manner of Judas

( Judas was not an Atheist. But his unfruitful faith and lack of trust in the Mercy of God, makes him no better than an Atheist. )

Thursday, 20 October 2016

God is our security

There is no better security, than God.
A nation with all its military strength, will not be able to defend the enemy (evil) if it turned away from God.
A person without God;
A family without God;
A community without God;
A Nation without God,  becomes enemy's (the tempter's) playground.
The prince of this world, has the power over all our will and forces of nature.He can easily manipulate our will- if our will is not under the subjection of God. He can disturb a person's well-being, to the point of fatal destruction. He can create havoc among the family members. He can disrupt the whole community. He can engage nation to fight against nation. He can employ forces of nature, to put everything to destruction.

To cause disorder and disharmony, is the dangerous game, which he likes to play- and you cannot blame God ! Because you never belonged to God- you never accepted God as your salvation. So, God will allow afflictions, for your own good.

Security of the Nation, is in remaining Faithful to the Love-of-God.

The Reverence of Amen

When we say "Amen", we profess that we humbly accept and we firmly believe the truth. "Amen" is preferentially uttered as a response to something that is Holy viz. Prayer and the Word-of-God. "Amen" is a Blessing, which is reserved for God.

It should not be used vainly as a response to some idea, you agree with- other than Prayer and the word-of-God.

Let what is Holy be regarded as Holy- let it be used solemnly.


To be humble before God, means-
- to put your complete trust in God.
- to completely submit to God.
- to let God, take the driver's seat.
- to leave your anxiety and worries to God.
- to unload your burden onto God.
-to listen to HIM (through prayer and Holy Scriptures)
- to set your heart on HIS kingdom. 
- to love God, above all created things.
- to practice Love.                                                     
- to drive away wickedness from your heart- from your life.
 - to make God's word, your home- your refuge.
 - to kindly accept the *gifts which God has given us- without complaining. 
 - to faithfully do the task, which God has assigned us to do.

* talents; potentials; strengths; weaknesses; skills; virtues; Life.

Learning through Humility

It is only through Humility, that we learn more.

It is only through Humility , that *Wisdom enters our hearts.

It is only through Humility, that every Knowledge and Wisdom becomes clear.

* wisdom of God.

Life and Death

Life is Beautiful- it gives us the *chance to live in this World.

Death is Beautiful- it gives us the chance to live in Life Eternal.

* Life and Eternal life is a gift of God. It's up to you- to accept it or reject it.

Christmas greetings

Most of the people take after the trend of the world to wish " Compliments of the season " , just the next day after Christmas.   Christmas greetings extends till the feast of " Epiphany " ( the visit of the Magi ). After the Magi departed, the crib became empty- as the Holy Family fled to Egypt. After the feast of " Epiphany ", we remove all the Christmas decorations.

P.S. Don't spoil the freshness of Christmas by saying, " Compliments of  the season ". Seasons greetings can be applied to any season. But the  greeting, " Merry Christmas "- has the essence of Joy and Birth of Our  Lord Jesus Christ.

So, henceforth be on the path, that gives Glory to God in the highest.

God is the beauty of our life

The presence of God in our life, helps us to become good and look truly beautiful.
God is the beauty of our life.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Peaceful relationship

Life of love in God, grants us the grace of humility to understand and accept our weaknesses, our differences and to patiently bear with each other- resulting in peaceful and harmonious relationship.
In love of God alone, our relationship with each other bear fruit.

Our growth in God

If you do not Love;
If you do not forgive;
If you do not repent- You cannot grow in God.


God loves the humility of a contrite heart- a heart that is repentant;
                                                             - a heart that accepts the authority of God and believes in HIM in all circumstances- even when HIS doings seem to be unacceptable.

Happy heart- Happy life

God is the Happiness and the Health of our life. Without the presence of God in our life, our heart becomes restless and loses its peace.
Only a healthy1 heart, lives a healthy and worthy life.

If our heart is Happy- then our life is Happy.

1. Physically as well as spiritually.


Humility is contrite.

The weed-of-confusion and the wheat-of-God's Love

In the sowers parable, Jesus refers to HIMSELF as the sower of the Good seed (the wheat)- Love for humble and repentant life in God; Love for God the Heavenly Father; Love for Heavenly Kingdom. The tempter is the sower of weed- the weed of confusion; the weed of distortions in faith. In this world, the tempter strives with a cunning intention of directing people to one God; of making people believe in one God; of making Jesus' sacrifice for our salvation worthless; that God has no *son; that Jesus is not our salvation, through whom the Heavenly  Father leads HIS children to HIMSELF. The tempter misled the Jews- that Jesus is not the Messiah- that the Messiah is yet to come- and brought the wrath of God on them, for their unbelief. The tempter has sown the weed-of-distorted faith among the wheat-of-God's Love. We(Christians), who have received the grace of Love from Jesus Christ, need to live in this Love and give testimony through our life of love, that Jesus is the son of the living God- that HE is our salvation- that HE is the only way, through whom the world will be redeemed- the only way; the only Truth, which leads to Eternal Life. Let the light of God shine through our good deeds and give testimony that Jesus is the light of the world. Let us come to repentance and give testimony through our transformed life- that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Let people turn towards God and commune with God through the Holy Eucharist and give testimony through their strengthened Faith- that Jesus is the living bread of life.

* At Baptism, the voice from Heaven testified: "This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.”

At Transfiguration, the voice from Heaven said: “This is my Son, the Beloved; with HIM I am well pleased; listen to him!”.


Humility welcomes Love.1

And Love brings Salvation.

1. Love of God.

The way of Christ

The way of Christ is- Love1.
The way of Christ is- Faith2.
The way of Christ is- Truth3.
The way of Christ is-Gentleness.
The way of Christ is- Meekness.
The way of Christ is- Humility.
The way of Christ is- Simplicity.
The way of Christ is- Forgiveness.
The way of Christ is- Perseverance.
The way of Christ is- Suffering4.

Following the way of Christ- we live according to God's will and will enter into God's Glory.

1. Love towards God and our neighbor.

2. Faith in God-the-Father; God-the-Son and God-the-Holy Spirit- as one God.

3. Christ- the Truth.

4. to suffer in doing God's will; suffer for HIS name( for being Christian ); suffer for doing what is right.

Holy Easter

They1 crucified the "kingdom of God"2.

And it lay buried beneath the ground for three days- only to sprout into a life giving tree, bearing the fruits of Joy of Easter.

1. The hostile and the unbelieving world.

2. The seed of Everlasting Life.

Youthfulness and Sin

The age of youthfulness feels a natural inclination towards sin- and carnal desires drag the flesh into sin- because it is not guarded by the grace of 'reverence-of-God', which Joseph, son of Jacob had- For when seduced by Potiphar's wife, he found strength in the 'reverence-of-God' and he shunned her, saying: 'How could I do anything so wicked, and sin against God?1

1. [Genesis 39:9]

Our daily sins

Each day presents us with various moments and circumstances. In any circumstances, we Commit following sins, more frequently:

1. Not thanking God for every happening1 of the day.

2. Not believing in God at all moments- in every circumstances during the day. There are  times when we are tempted to disbelieve the presence of God in our life.

3. Not living according to HIS Commandment of Love, during the day.

4. Not being Joyful2 throughout the day- rather, allowing sadness; disappointment; anxiety and gloominess to overcome you.

1. good or unpleasant moments; events.

2. Not living in the Joy of the risen Lord. Our Lord expects us to be always joyful- for HE is with us- always.

Be(a)ware of ' Amnon's Love'

This kind of Love pursues; befriends and Loves -only to betray and hurt you.This kind of deceptive love, only leads to the final moment of betrayal. The only aim of 'Amnon's love' is Carnal pleasure. It will apply every trick of deception to achieve its goal. 'Amnon's love' is a carnal love- it sees no morality; it seeks no morality.

A man who is made for love and for marriage, will not let his sexuality, mess the love relationship.
    Oh woman ! who will guard your love life and instruct your love life- if you stay away from the God of faithful love. Oh woman (in love), can you recognize a man who pursues you with 'Amnon's love'- only to disgrace you?

Only those1 who love God and are careful to avoid any kind of defilement- God of faithful love comes to their rescue.

1. People who live according to the commandments of God, namely 'Susanna'.[ Read Daniel 13 ]

Amnon : Read 2Samuel 13 [ Amnon and Tamar ]

Love and Reverence

The more we love God- the more we revere HIS presence in everything.

The more we grow in reverence of HIM- the more we live reverently.

One life- One way- Christ Jesus, our Lord

There is only one way of life and i.e. Christ.

If it's not true, then in vain did HE declare- "I am the way; the Truth and the life".

And in vain did HE proclaim- "I am the bread of everlasting life".

In vain did HE manifest- "I am the Resurrection and the Life".

In vain did HE die on the cross for our salvation.

HIS death opened a way for our salvation- HE alone, is the way of our redemption.

Always be Joyful, in the Lord

It is quite unbelievable and very difficult to accept the Holy words – “Always be Joyful in the Lord”. [Philippians 4:4]

   A day is filled with variety of moments: a moment of anxiety; a moment of pain; a moment of vain curiosity; a moment of sinful pleasures; a moment of sin; a moment of temptation; a moment of despair; a moment of disbelief in God; a moment of pride; a moment of hatred; a moment of laxity; a moment of aridity. On the contrary, to be Joyful in the Lord, in the midst of all these varied moments, seems to be an impossible task on our part.

   God offers each one of us, a choice: to choose Life or Death. On one side, there are these sinful feelings, that make us feel miserable throughout the day and bring death to our soul. On the other side, there is the saving help of Our Lord, inviting us to partake in HIS Joy. A joy that proclaims that HE is risen. HE has won victory over death and sin. We are invited to live in this Joy with HIM– not just for a moment! But for all the moments of our life- till we see HIM face-to-face, in HIS Eternal Kingdom.

   It is only through Faith in HIM, that we partake of HIS Joy. A Faith that humbly believes, we are forgiven in HIM. A Faith that believes, HE has died for our sins. A kind of Faith, that believes, that our entire sinful life cannot be greater than the Grace and Joy which HE has to offer us.

   HE only asks of us, to let go of the sinful feelings, that burdens us.

Is it too difficult a task, to let go of the sinful and guilt feelings and to accept HIS Joy, through Faith in HIM?

   Through our disbelief, we carry the burden of misery, all the days of our life; but through our humble Faith in HIM, we are healed in a moment.

Just, one step– and we leave the chain of miserable life and enter into HIS 'Joyful Life'.

    Does that mean that we’ll never commit sin or we’ll never be burdened by the cares and worries of this life?

    HE says: “Day’s own trouble will be sufficient for the day". A day will not be free from sin and trouble. Our Life is a choiceful living . Each moment of each day is presented with misery and 'Joy-in-the-Lord'. We have to make a wise decision in letting go misery and prudently choose Joy.

    In this manner, we’ll live our life, like little children- they cling to their mother, for every little thing they need. They find peace in their mother’s presence. The Kingdom of Heaven, belongs to those who live their life- just like little children.
    Let nothing separate us from the Joy of our Lord. Every moment, when we are bitten by misery and sins of this life, let us turn to our Lord- in the manner of little children. For in HIM alone, we’ll find solace for our troubled heart.

    We don’t have to wait for something Good to happen to us, to make us feel Joyful. The Joy of the Risen Lord, is always near us. HE is our joy and Happiness. It is for us HE died. It is for us, HE came to bring salvation in this world. HE offers us HIS Joy, unconditionally– despite our unworthiness.

           Holiness is just a step away. Cling to it firmly!

Quality of Life

The quality of the world; the quality of people' life in the world can

improve and make progress1- only if the quality of their faithful-love

relationship with God makes progress.

Without God, there is no life; no growth and no progress. Human heart is the source of all wickedness. And only God, can heal the ill heart.


The youthful relationship is particularly meant to know each Other well- emotionally, psychologically and spiritually- how each person feels, thinks and understands. It helps to know each Others' differences- to know each Others' strengths. Boyfriend-Girlfriend type of relationship is an experimental ground to practice Trust; Purity and  Commitment in relationship. A good healthy relationship will keep  every kind of youthful immorality away and thus avoid the 'youthful mess' (Abortions; unwanted pregnancies; use of Contraceptives; break-ups etc.)
       The beauty of this relationship is- you are living precious moments of your life with someone you love and someone you long to be with. An upright  relationship will make you into a Man and Woman- pleasing to God. Furthermore, it will eventually prepare a base for stable relationship in the future. Additionally, it will teach you to love and respect one another.

      Boyfriend-Girlfriend type of relationship is not meant to explore the physical side of your being. Indulging yourself in a tainted relationship, is a form of wickedness. And wickedness, is a sin which is abhorrent to God.

The Good thief

The Good thief trusted in God's Mercy and performed one act of Faith1 in God; one act of Humility2 in God; one act of Love3, for God's Eternal kingdom- with all his heart and soul.

Consequently, all his sins and punishment4 due for his sins were forgiven him, in a single moment- Eternal Kingdom was gifted him.

1. He acknowledged God.

2. He Humbly admitted his sinfulness.

3. He expressed his Soul's desire for God's Eternal Kingdom.

4. Purgatory.

( In God's sight, one moment's humble offering valued more than his whole sinful life. )

Our Daily Life

Our daily life must exude the fragrance of Christ's Love.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


God's Holy word is for us1- to believe it- to live in it- to grow in it.

And the fruit of our faithful life in God, is for Evangelization.

1. Christians

The Mirror of God

The mirror of the world speaks lies-  everything is fine with you; you are perfect; there is no need to worry; etc.

The mirror of God- the Holy Scriptures, tells us the truth of our life and our soul. It is the mirror, that grants us the Grace of God and brings us back safely to our Heavenly abode.

Look yourself in this mirror- frequently.

Faith is found through humility in God

Two thousand years ago, when "Truth"1 was visible  and miracles of faith  were visible- yet, people hardened their hearts to believe in God. Those who searched for faith in their eagerness and humility, found it and were saved. Those who hardened their hearts against the "Truth" , even after witnessing the miracles of  faith- were left to die in their sins [John 8:24].

  Now- after two thousand years, when "Truth" cannot be visibly sought- it Can be  found through humility, in the Holy scriptures. The word of God, is the living Spirit, which can help our lost faith to be found in God. Only those who seek the word of God, in their eagerness and humility [like zacchaeus]-  the "Truth" will Come home to them and set them free from every kind of slavery . And faith will bring them to light. But those of hardened hearts, who  with their vain reasoning,  seek the word of God to justify themselves- they will get more entangled in the sin of unbelief, than ever before.

Faith is found by humbly seeking the Truth.

1. Jesus Christ.

For lack of God's Wisdom

In every age, Christ1 is misunderstood; misjudged and crucified by the world2.  

1. Those who live in the pattern of Christ.

2. Those who are earthly minded.

Order and Peace

Where wisdom of God resides- there is order1 and Peace2.

1. There is God's orderliness. There is no disorganization or confusion.

2. Because God's Most Holy will is obeyed.


God has given each person a gift of freewill1. This freewill ought to be guarded and directed by the Grace of God- constantly. The Grace of God helps the freewill to moderate our feelings; desires and emotions.

    On the Contrary, if the freewill is left unguarded, it becomes vulnerable to evil. The tempter acts on the weakness of human beings. Freewill is the most difficult weakness of human beings. The tempter acts on the freewill and manipulates every feelings; desires and emotions to go wild- every kind of evil activity happening in the world is the result of unguarded freewill.

Without God's presence in our life, steering the freewill becomes the most difficult task.

1.since our first parents failed in their faithful obedience to God- with the knowledge of Good and evil, the gift of freewill came into action. Now, steering the helm of freewill and wading through the stormy waves of life, becomes our daily struggle.)

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Those who love God- they have everything. Nothing in the world can be more pleasing and satisfying than God.

Those who lack God- the whole world would still be not enough.