Saturday, 29 October 2016

Love and Respect

Let 'Love and Respect' be the proximity and the distance in your relationship.

Quality of the World

The quality of the World, is the quality of Man- if only Man would continue to grow in God.

Money vs Graces

We earn money to keep our body.
Similarly, we stand in greater need of Graces to keep our soul.

Money sustains us in this life.
Graces( obtained through Prayer and Good works ) provide for life now and next.

Any negligence in the care of our soul, will only lead us to Eternal damnation.

Taste and see that the Lord is Good [Psalm 34:8]

We are too engaged in ourselves and the world around us.
we have tasted too much of the world and a negligible amount of God- that we have almost forgotten the taste of God.
Vanity of the world has made us dull- our Faith; our Hope and our Love.
we have lost our Joy and Enthusiasm in living.
Suddenly, God has become a myth for us.

Prophet Jeremiah says:" We live in a world of bad Faith...  and out of bad Faith, we refuse to acknowledge God in our lives." [Jeremiah 9:5 ]

The more we look at ourselves; our weaknesses; our failings and the unfaithful world around us, the more dejected we will feel.On the contrary, if we accept our weaknesses and our failings with Humility and persevere in our Love for Jesus and look at HIM with Faith, our strength will be renewed. Although our problems may remain the same, nevertheless we will receive the Grace and the strength to overcome them.

God invites us every moment to taste HIS Goodness and see for ourselves that HE is good and beneficial for our life.

Friday, 28 October 2016

If only young men/women reconcile with God

In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, they were ignorant of their self. Their identity was God. Though they were made of flesh and blood, the state of their being was pure.Though they were naked, they were perfectly comfortable with their nakedness, as yet lust was unknown to them.
    But when they ate of the forbidden fruit ( fruit of the knowledge of good and evil ) the state of their body  entirely transformed. They became aware of their self ; they became vulnerable to evil; mortality entered their body. They became ashamed of their nakedness and lust became known to them.
   Man broke with God through his disobedience. And life became a difficult exercise of free will. The more he failed in choosing good from evil ,of his own free will, the more he became vulnerable to sin. Through life of sin, man ( both man and woman ) lost respect for God and HIS creation.

   Thanks be to God for the gift of his Beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Grace came to save us from the slavery of sin.

   In today's world we see men and women complaining against each other- men complain about women's  *indecency in dressing; while women complain about men's lewdness and lack of self-control. The lack of disrespect for each other, is the result of our unfaithfulness to God. In love of God, dignity of mankind and respect for each other is restored. People need to return back to the life of innocence. Only then, the sinful play of Herod ( bad boys; immoral men; perpetrators) , Herodias ( bad girls; immodest women; adulteress ) and Innocent 'John the Baptist' ( good boys/good girls; upright men/women, who  suffer at the cost of Herod and Herodias) will come to an end.

   Only in the love of God, young girls/women will learn to adorn themselves modestly and men will learn to truly love women and treat them with dignity.

* through the original sin, lust entered our being. It is not the body that is distracting , but the lust which dwells in our being, that manipulates our behavior. The 'Tempter' shrewdly acts on our lust, when we are weak in our faith in God and totally devoid of God. The reason, why many youngsters fall into sin and disrespect each others bodies, is because they lack the grace of God, to keep away from sin and they lack the strength of good conscience. We make ourselves puppets in the hands of the 'Tempter', to be manipulated and defiled, owing to our lack of faith in God and good relationship with God. Instead of blaming each other's weakness, it is only prudent to reconcile with God. This is the only solution for the end of " rape culture ".

I would expect young boys/men to take the first step in reconciling themselves with God. Without this, you can't help yourself to be called as " lustful men ".

     And I'll also request young girls/women to keep away from the natural instinct of Eve ( seeking vanity). It was Eve, who first tasted the forbidden fruit and led mankind to sin . And now, those who follow her (Eve ) instincts, taste every kind of vanity. In any case, you don't want yourself to be termed as " brazen ". Do you?

Holy Fear

Fear that makes you aware of your sinful state, is a Holy fear. If you can feel it, then it is good-  it's a positive sign, that you are spiritually alive .

But, if you can't sense the *stench of your sin- it's a clear sign- you are almost dead ! you are on the way to damnation !

* Awareness of your sinful state. It's a lull created by the 'Tempter', where a person feels perfectly contented with life, without God.


All my life, I believed that life was for amusement. And I indulged myself, my body, my senses in all sorts of entertainment. I cared the least, for my soul. But my soul waited patiently for its *entertainment. An entertainment that could enliven itself. Alas, all it received from my careless life, was the burden of my sins. Life so subtly coursed through the years, that it brought me to the end of my age. The weakness of my age, even made me forget, that I had a soul.

Finally, Heaven rang the bells and judgement pronounced upon me. My soul cried out- but, I was in the grave.

* entertainment = spiritual nourishment

Our Littleness

We are all little people;
living in this little world;
with our little faith;
with our little hope;
with more of sinfulness;
with more of misery;
journeying through this life;
chasing after delusions and vanity;
struggling to live and trying desperately to find our identity.
In this 'world of lost', let us not forget, that we have one life; one soul and one God.
Glory and Praise and Honor be to HIM, forever and ever.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

God is Love

Without God,there is no Love;
without Love,there is no *Unity;
without Unity, there is no Peace.

*no unity in the world; no unity in our being- we'll be unstable; vulnerable;chaotic


Temptations of the World are speciously disguised as " sugar coated tablets "- pleasurable vanity on outside with a deadly poison of vanity from inside.

Thanks-be-to-God !!!

For those who Faithfully believe in HIM, HIS Grace is a powerful antidote against every kind of sin of Vanity.

Christian living

True Christian living- Be Loving and Forgiving.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

God is the necessity of our life

Whatever your lifestyle; whatever your profession; whatever the state of your faith in God- Whether you live your faith or not.

God is the necessity of our life.

Without God, there is no Life; no Love; no Living.

Where is God ?

where is God ?

God is where one Believes- Faith is alive.
God is where one Hopes- Hope is alive.  
God is where one Loves- Love is alive.

Holy Bible- our legacy

The word of God is the light of God.
It is the life giving Spirit.
It is a legacy; a testimony of Truth, that God gave us.
Living a life apart from this light, is darkness and delusion- and we remain deceived all our life.

Let us seek this light daily and strive to live in this light.

Because, here alone is the health of our life and the happiness of our soul.

I Love You !

Love finds its expression in Trust and Respect.
Passion finds its expression in desire and disrespect.

( The very first expression of Love gives the assurance of   Trustworthiness and Respect for the person- and Respect for God. Passion disguises itself as " True Love " and makes haste towards immodesty and dissolution. )

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Our true identity

God created world.
God created *man and woman.
We are one family in the love of God- no matter, which part of the world we live.
culture; place; color; race is not our identity.
Our identity is always with reference to God , who created us.
We are children of one God- this is our true identity .

Only as children of one God, we'll unite as one world and live in love as one humanity.

one world-one man/woman- one humanity.

Pride vs Love

In Pride, we Divide -   In *Love, we Unite.

*God's Love.

Our Life

Our Life is a greatest prayer.

Each moment of our Life is an invitation to live in Faith; to live in Hope and to practice Love.

Live it worthily in reverence of God, at all moments.


A Good Friendship stands on the foundation of Trust; Respect and Forgiveness.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Christian Life

Christian Life is to *Believe and to *Love- not to solve the mysteries of Faith.

*Believe in one True God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

*Love God and our neighbor; our fellow beings.

Life of Love

By *Loving , we come to know the *TRUTH.

And only TRUTH will set us *free.

*Loving: Loving God and our neighbour.
*TRUTH : Our Lord Jesus Christ.
*free  : free from everything that binds us in slavery.

Faithful-Love relationship with God

Our *Faithful-Love relationship with God is a key to Peace; Harmony and Happiness in our Family and in the World.

Our Good relationship with God gives us the Grace to Love and patiently understand every kind of people.

Our Good relationship with God gives us the Grace to bear the weaknesses and shortcomings of the people.

Our Good relationship with God gives us the Grace and the strength to suffer the unjust world.

    If your relationship with God is Good, then everything will be Good for you- nothing, whatsoever in this world will disturb the inner peace of your soul.

* the way you relate with your friends; your colleagues; your spouse; your community- the way you face the hardship of the day-to-day life with reference to God, manifest your relationship with God. Our Life is directly proportional to our " Faithful-Love " relationship with God.

The sign of the Cross

The foundation of our Christian faith is faith in ' Holy Trinity ' as 'one God'. We believe in God the Father; God the Son and God the Holy spirit as 'one God '. Lord Jesus commanded us to baptize people of all nations, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. To remind ourselves of this Eternal Truth, we begin all our activities and our prayers by invoking the Blessings of the ' Holy Trinity ' and sign ourselves with the ' sign of the cross '.

1. ' sign of the cross ' reminds us that we were baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit as ' one God '.

2. ' sign of the cross ' reminds us that we believe in the existence of ' Holy Trinity ' as ' one God '.

3. ' sign of the cross ' reminds us that in acknowledging ' Holy Trinity ' as one God, we are blessed and we are saved.

Such is the reverence and Holiness of the ' sign of the cross '.

This reverence of the ' sign of the cross ' was demonstrated by " Immaculate Conception " when she appeared to St. Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes on February 11, 1858. The way our Lady made the ' sign of the cross ' was with profound reverence and recollection.

          St. Bernadette recounts that she was prevented from making the ' sign of the cross ' incorrectly, until she had seen our Lady make it. Only after seeing our Lady make the ' sign of the cross ' with reverence, then St. Bernadette was allowed to follow her. St. Bernadette describes our Lady make the ' sign of the cross ' slowly in a sweeping gesture, raising her right hand so that her fingers touched to the very top of her forehead; then lowering her hands to touch her waist , and then slowly touching the extreme of her left shoulder followed by her right.

         Over the years, people forgot the reverence of the ' sign of the cross '. And now, we make it inattentively, without reverence and with haste. we must not forget that ' sign of the cross ', which is the summit of Christian faith is itself a powerful prayer. And by making it slowly; attentively with profound reverence , we enter into salvation.

        The ' sign of the cross ' ( this little spiritual gesture ) is a path to Holiness. And God has shown us through the life of St. Teresa of child Jesus, that HE is pleased with " littleness " which is offered through reverence. Let us determine ourselves to make this little ' sign of the cross ' with reverence for God.

        For Holiness is not about doing great deeds- but doing little things, reverently for God.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Our growth in God

In Christ Jesus, we all grow in proportion to our Faith; Love and Humility in God.


Those who are truly good -their life speaks for God.
                                       -their life directs people to God.
                                       -their life brings conversion in the people, in the direction of God. They are 'Heavenly-wise-Good'. Heaven rejoices in such people, whose life glorifies God on earth.
        Those who are good in the eyes of the world are indeed good, but they fall short of being 'truly good' -as their faith in God, does not speak for God. The 'world-wise-good' people do good to the world, but have never known God. They are not convinced about God. Their life doesn't direct people to God. Their life follows only one part of the Lord's commandment- " Love your neighbor", while "loving God" - reverence of God is completely excluded.The 'world-wise-good' people don't feel the need to love God- they only love their own kind. Their life is centered in the world. This is how the 'tempter' manipulates the people of the world. He (the 'tempter' ) gives them the feeling of doing good, but prevents them from becoming 'truly good' by keeping their faith away from God.
         The 'world-wise-good' people are the ones whom our Lord rebuked. They said: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, drive out demons in your name, work many miracles in your name?” [Mt7:22 ]. To them, the Lord replied : " I have never known you ".
       In Truth, they never knew God. All their good works were done in the world, to be exalted in the eyes of the world- not for the 'Greater Glory of God'. Their works were not directed to bring back people to faith-in-God.


Love is waiting- to be shared.

Won't you share it, and let it grow ?

Life of Holiness

Holiness is a way of doing *little things- reverently for God.

* whatever little charity, your circumstances and weaknesses allow you to do, for God- if it is offered with sincere faith, it becomes acceptable to God. In this manner, absolutely everything can be offered to God:  good and bad moments of your life; your success and failure; your hardships and sufferings; your life; your work. Our little charity gives us an opportunity, to practice our Faith and Love relationship with God- with constancy.