Thursday, 3 November 2016


In the stillness1 of our heart2, God teaches us wisdom.

1.God's presence brings stillness to our heart.

2.In a heart where Gods presence is revered; where God's will is obeyed- there dwells God's presence.

(Unfortunately, the world employs every means to seek Peace- except God.)

My Face ?

Discouragement and despair is the face of the tempter.

Love and Peace is the face of our Risen Lord.

Spiritual Mirror

I reflect on God.
    And God reflects through my life.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Truly Wise

Truly wise is one,whose Humility( in God ) governs their intellect and will.


The beauty of our physical being; the beauty of our character; the beauty of our work, should inspire people in the direction of God.

Christ, Our Life

Christ is the Light of the world.
Without 'HIM' and away from 'HIM'- everything is darkness- No life, at all !!!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Truly Beautiful

Truly Beautiful is the one, with a heart full of Love( God's Love ).
A heart full of Love, is a heart full of Peace.
where Love is, there is Happiness.
So, a Beautiful person is a Loving person; a Peaceful person and a Happy person.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Knowledge speaks for itself- Wisdom speaks for God.

Knowledge enriches our mind- Wisdom nourishes our heart and soul.

Wisdom of God

Wisdom of God is all around us- only through Humility ( in God ) we gain access.

Wisdom of God keeps pouring in Humble of heart.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Saint vs sinner

A Saint has more1 sins to confess-  a sinner has less2.

The more we confess- the more we repent- the more we become pure and Holy.

1. A Saint lives in the light of God( light of God's Commandments). In the light of God, every sin and every imperfection becomes visible.

2. A sinner lives in the ignorance and disrespect of God. The darkness of sin blinds his eyes from seeing every kind of immorality.

Which language do you speak ?

The language of God is LOVE.

And God created us.

Which language1, do you speak ?



1.   whatever be your language; whatever be the culture, you grew in; whatever be the circumstances, you life coursed through; whatever be your profession- the language of our life should always bear the flavor of Love-  but, it is otherwise . The language of our life is tainted with the quality of the world.

My Soul

Our soul is the assignment of our Life.
At any moment in our Life, our soul holds priority.
We are accountable to God, for the health of our soul.
The way we live our life, affects the life of our soul.
God's Love is the life of our soul.
Live a ' life of Love ' and let your soul live- forever !!!