Saturday, 26 November 2016

Daily Word

This is a logo design for the daily bread of God- for our life
Daily Word

" Daily Word " is a bread of Eternal Life, which gives life to our soul. Lord Jesus said : " I am the Bread of Life... the words I have spoken to you are  spirit and they are life.
        Keeping this in mind , I designed the logo with " DAILY WORD= DAILY BREAD= DAILY NOURISHMENT " as the prime focus.

 " W "  is in the form of Hands. Hands of the Church- which in the name of God, preaches Good News- breaking the Bread- Word-of-God , for the people.

The centre of " W "- the steeple-  indicates the Church.

The 'Red cross'  indicates the passion of Our Lord- the suffering; the sacrifice.

" O " is in the form of Bread.

" r " is  drawn in the form of a sprout- in green color, indicating  new life.  ' Daily Word ' gives New Life to the People.

The vertical line of " D " indicates the breaking of the bread.

The Blue background indicates universality.  Daily Word is preached to all, despite the caste, creed or color.

The word, " Daily " is in yellow- symbolic of day.

P.S.  I created this logo design, specially for  Silent Unity's  " Daily Word " spiritual magazine- as my thanksgiving to their generosity.

Many years back, when ' Silent Unity ' were operating in India, they sent me complementary copies of their magazine for considerable time. This logo design is my appreciation for their magnanimity.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Humility always wins

In all circumstances, Humility triumphs over the difficulties of life.

Humility always wins1.

1. Humility always finds favor in the sight of God.

(e.g. Abraham; Moses; Joseph; King David and others. )

Biblical-Wise Answers

What was Adam doing , when Eve was eating the fruit of the forbidden tree ?

Answer :   Adam was busy in naming birds and animals.

Why are women supposedly more intelligent than men ?

Answer :  Because the first created woman ( Eve ) ate more of the forbidden fruit and the remainder , she gave it to Adam.

Why did Adam eat the forbidden fruit ?

Answer : When Adam returned from his work of naming  trees; birds and animals, he saw that Eve was crying. And, before he could know the reason, she demanded the proof of his Love. Adam fell for the love of his woman and ate the forbidden fruit.

Freedom-of-will and the Tempter

The enemy of God- the enemy of human soul, acts and breeds on ' freedom-of- will ', if our ' freedom-of-will ' is not guarded by the commandments of God. 

Without God's discipline, our life and our soul is in danger of fatal destruction.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Lord, I Believe.

This picture is a symbolic representation of our growing Faith in God.
Lord, I Believe

In the picture, 'mountain' denotes ourselves .

'sea' denotes ignorance.

'clouds' denotes our faith- expressed in prayer.

The protruding 'tip of the mountain' denotes our little faith in God. It is verdant green and lively because of our active faith in God- we grow, because we believe in God.

The part of the mountain submerged under the water is unproductive and worthless because of our unbelief in God.

The darkness under the Surface of the water denotes our unbelief in God. Our unbelief blocks the *light of God.

*light, that gives life to our soul.
light, that nourishes our life.
light, that gives peace to our being.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Feast of 'Christ our King'

Today, we celebrate the Feast of 'Christ the King'- tomorrow and the day after, we won't.
Today, Christ our benevolent king, invites us to entrust our life to HIM.
HE humbly knocks on our heart- waiting to be welcomed.
Let us welcome HIM now, with the eagerness of Zacchaeus.
Let us humbly submit to 'Christ our King' and pay our daily homage to HIM.
For in HIM alone, our restless heart finds Peace.
In HIM alone, the burden of our daily life becomes bearable.
In HIM alone, all our crooked ways are straightened.
In HIM alone, we'll live a worthy life.

Wish you all, a Blessed Feast of 'Christ our King' !!!