Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas on the broad path

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Christmas is the celebration of 'Maranatha'1 .
Christmas is the celebration of God's unconditional Love2 for  mankind.

Christmas calls for tidying up of our lives; our faith; our Love for God.
Christmas entreats us to share the Love and Peace of Christ with the ignorant3 and unbelieving world.
Christmas welcomes us to follow Christ in simplicity and humility on the narrow path4.
Christmas invites us to celebrate the joy of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, despite the difficult circumstances in our lives.

But in times now, everything has become  counterfeit of true Christmas.
The meaning of Christmas is none but festivity, for majority of the people. For most people, Christmas takes the  form of 'vanity fair'- shopping; festivity shows etc.
' Santa Claus ' has become the icon of ' festive mood ' rather than ' reverential figure '- bringing people  to Christ.
Most of the Christmas songs celebrate the Christmas mood5 ( the festive mood ) rather than Christmas Spirit ( the reverence of Christ )- very few songs celebrate the reverence of Christ.
The festive mood takes the place of Christ- and Christ is almost forgotten. Christ is hardly, the focus of any Christmas songs.
Confession; Holy Eucharist and Christmas Mass is hardly in remembrance. The Church of Christ is completely forgotten- it is attended as a formality during Baptism; Funeral and Christmas.

Christmas is for those, who revere the presence of Christ in their lives- who put Christ in the first priority than everything else. It is not for those who are focused on merrymaking and festivities.

It is disappointing, that Christmas is celebrated by many on the broad path6- not knowing, that there is no Christmas without the presence of Christ in their lives.

1.Our Lord has come. And we continue to celebrate this feast in the hope of his second coming.

2.God so loved the world , that HE sent HIS only begotten son to save us from the slavery of sin and bring us to Eternal Life.

3.ignorant of knowing Christ.

4.God's path.

5.Christmas environment; silver bells; chestnuts; winter frost; sleigh ride; happy holidays; Santa Claus; snowman etc.

6.path which leads to destruction.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The easy- yet the most difficult task?

The easy1, the most important and yet the most difficult2 task in this world- is to believe and live  in God- at all moments of our life.

1. For those who love God and whose heart is inclined towards God- it is easy.

2. For those who are rooted in the vanity of the world- it is difficult.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Let Christ live

Let Love of Christ be  an attitude of our life.

(Let the love of Christ live and grow and blossom through our life.)