Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Kingdom values

Our life is an assignment in Faith; Hope; Love and every other virtue.
Living our life according to the 'kingdom values'1 makes us worthy of God's Eternal kingdom.

1. Faith; Hope in God ( to wait upon God); Humility; love; Charity; Gentleness; Kindness; to be Merciful; to be Forgiving; Contrite; Sacrificing; Generosity; Patience; Understanding; Compassion; Perseverance;  Purity; Moderation.

Choose the one which your heart inclines to and your life needs the most- make 'kingdom values' the driving force of your life.

Saint's lives were characterized by the 'kingdom values'.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Human misery

The fact of human misery is- we fail to live daily in the love1 of Christ.

In the hardship and desperation of day-to-day life, we even become completely oblivious of Christ- the way of our life.

1. 'love', that assures us of God's presence in our life- gives strength and peace to our weary and troubled heart.