Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Lent is for Life

We live a fast life in this fast changing world. we are so busy in our little world- we hardly have any time for God- to talk with HIM; to listen to HIM - to reflect1 on our life and to amend our wrong ways.

Lent is a special period, which the Church dedicates for reflection and repentance of our life- the church entreats every faithful to moderate their life and spent some time with God. Lent invites us to introspect our life - our wrong attitudes; our wrong ways of life and to reconcile with God.

Lent is for acknowledging our sins with all humility ( just like St. Peter-"I am a sinful man.." [Luke5:8]).
Lent is for trusting in God's infinite Mercy and seeking HIS forgiveness for all our sins.
Lent is a time for believing and revering our Lord's life, death and resurrection- for our salvation.
Lent is for revering our Lord's suffering- and uniting our pains; our difficulties and sufferings with HIS suffering- for united with HIS suffering, HE grants us the grace to patiently bear our sufferings in this world.
Lent is for loving2; for forgiving; for deeds of Charity and Mercy.
Lent is for resolving ourselves to do something beautiful with our life- for God.

Our Lord came into this world, for us; HE lived for us; HE suffered for us and HE died for us- for our salvation. Lent encourages us to acknowledge this truth with all our heart and life and entreats us to resolutely determine ourselves to live for HIM and in HIM.

God loves a cheerful3 giver. Whatever each one has decided to do4 during this lenten period- it must be done cheerfully- without any reluctance or compulsion- for love of God and for the salvation of our soul.

Lent is for life. And our life in this world is short- too short, for all the 'Lents' in our entire lifetime, to bring us to repentance.

1. where is my life heading? How is my Faith relationship with God?
2. loving our neighbor; our family; our community.
3. Zacchaeus is a very good example of a cheerful repentant.
4. either fasting; abstinence; alms-giving; charity to the poor etc.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Divine Healing

Faith united with Humility brings God's healing.