Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Holy nation

A nation obeying the 'commandments of God' enjoys Peace and order- otherwise, it is thrown into every kind of immorality and disorder- and faithlessness.

A nation needs to be governed by people, whose life stands on the firm foundation of 'God's Holy commandments'.

Those who are not wholeheartedly for God, cannot be faithfully with the nation- in governing the nation.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Greatness of God's Love

HE condescended in the form of human being- for the sake of our love.
HE suffered the pain and became a squirming worm on the cross- for the sake of our love.
We crucified HIM, nevertheless, HE forgave us- for the sake of our love.

In the  weakness and stubbornness of our human nature we defy HIM (who created us in HIS love) but HE patiently waits for our return- for the sake of our Love.
HE resurrected from the dead (to give us the hope of Eternal Life)- for the sake of our love.

He took the burden of our sins upon HIMSELF and gave us the gift of HIS love.
HE hides HIS pain and shows us HIS Love.
The magnificence of HIS Faithful Love and HIS infinite Mercy is proclaimed- the intensity of HIS unfathomable pain remains  hidden and obscure- for the sake of our love.