Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Walking with God

Advance each day of your life with Faith1 and Humility2 in God.

Live your life to the edification of the unbelieving3 world.

1. God is always with us- and does everything for our own good.
2. Accepting God's authority in our life and humbly accepting God's will for our life.
3. Those who have still not accepted Christ- as their salvation.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Welcome to the world of Faith

Welcome to the world of Faith.
Here, is Christ- the son of the living God.
Here, is the law of Love- the only law that can faithfully govern our life and heal the wickedness of human heart.
Here, are the Beautiful virtues of God- that give personality and character to our life.
Here, is the Everlasting life- which gives us the hope of living eternally.
Here, is Peace, Joy and Happiness- the fruits of faithful life in Christ.
Here, is the Wisdom of God- without which the world counts for nothing .