Sunday, 15 April 2018

We are all called for Holiness

Be it any profession, be it any way of life, we are all called for Holiness.
We are called to practice our Faith in a manner that is applicable to our individual state of life1.
We are called to live2 our Faith in proportion to the strength of our virtue3.
We are called to live our life as a pleasing offering4, in Faith in God.

The Sincerity; the Humility; the Love, and the Reverence with which we live  our Faith, will certainly bring us closer to the reward of Sanctity.

1. No profession, however occupying and tiring and no life, however difficult and burdensome – nothing can separate us from the love of God. Faith can be practiced  at all times and in every circumstances. Everything (duty; responsibility; work; moments of refreshment etc.) that our life calls for, is to be lived in Faith (in God) with sincerity and love for God.

2. Live our faith in love (doing deeds of Mercy; being Kind; being Gentle; being Generous; being Patient; being Understanding)– in the love of God.

3. We are creatures of flesh, endowed with a spiritual soul. God has  Blessed each one with unique spiritual strengths and talents. We are called to use those strengths and talents in a manner that brings Honour to God's name, unlike the servant who neglected and ignored the one talent entrusted to him by his Master.

4.  Each moment and every day of our life is to be offered to God, to live it reverently, in HIS honour.