Wednesday, 16 May 2018

God's commandment is Simple and Easy

God's commandment of  Love is Simple1–  HE has not made it difficult.
God's commandment of  Love is Easy2 on our shoulders–  HE has not made it burdensome.
The only thing is-  we should incline3 our hearts towards God's love.

1. God's commandment is mindful of human nature, it does not demand too much from our weak human nature– rather it urges us on to the observance of simple Godly values.

For our own good (to keep a watch on our sinful nature), Love exhorts us to believe in God and Honour HIS Most Holy name (by obeying HIS statutes to be Kind; Merciful; Forgiving and always Loving), that we may constantly live in HIS Most Holy presence and benefit from HIM.

The simplicity of God's Love is– it does not force our free will  (it does not act like a hard taskmaster ), rather it inspires our free will to choose between life and death– Holy life in HIM and Eternal life for our soul.

2. With our Humble Faith in HIM, HE grants us the strength of Grace to live HIS Commandments.

3. It is only when we taste God's Love (by living HIS Commandments ), that we will come to know and understand and Love– that HE truly is Good and beneficial for our life.

In this context, the Holy Scriptures encourages us by these words: "Taste and see that Yahweh is good. How Blessed are those who take refuge in HIM."  (Psalm 34:8)

Practice the virtue of Kindness; of Loving; of Mercy; of Forgiving, in your life, with all your heart and experience it for yourself, that God's Kingdom values are truly Good.