Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Life is more for Faithful Obedience to God– than for sacrifice.

We practice Faithful Obedience to God, by living HIS Commandment of Love1, at all times.
We practice Faithful Obedience to God, when we are careful about  bringing disrespect to God's Most Holy name, among the people of other faiths.
We practice Faithful  Obedience to God, by being obedient to our Parents.
We practice Faithful Obedience to God, by being obedient2  to those in authority over us.

All that we suffer in remaining Faithfully Obedient to the honor of  God, counts more than any sacrifice.

For in the virtue of Holy Obedience to God, we partake in the uprightness of Christ–  who HIMSELF remained Faithfully Obedient to God's Most Holy will-  even unto death on the Cross.

Furthermore, Sacrifices become more pleasing and acceptable to God,  at the hands of those who are Faithfully Obedient to God.

1. To be Forgiving; to be Patient; to be Understanding; to be Gentle; to be Sincere. Love is to be lived in all sincerity, with all our heart– at all times, being mindful of God.

2. Doing tasks and responsibilities assigned to us, willingly and sincerely, out of respect for the person in authority– still more, in the honour of God.