Sunday, 3 June 2018

Authentic Christian

The life of a True Christian  is driven by God's Love. All his doings bear the quality of Love-  and  are conscientiously1 done in Love.
Faithful obedience to God is the priority of his life.
He lives his life being consciously aware2 of God's most Holy presence-  at all times.
In every place and at all times, he sincerely lives as a God's witness3.
His life bears the  quality of Abel's offering4.

In every place and at all times, his Sincerity; his Humility; his kindness; his Faithfulness; his Patience; his Purity; his Love,  is found to be authentic-  no two garments; no two different weights5.
He lives his life aiming for Sanctity of God.
The needle of his life always points in the direction of Eternal life.
His life is a prayer in Faith- a pleasing and worthy offering to God.
He is a perfect instrument of God's Love  and leads others6 towards salvation.

He is a Faithful and watchful7 servant of God.
In hardships and difficulties of life, he Perseveringly believes in God and bears everything Patiently8, in the honour of God.
For everything9 that he needs, his Hope rests in God alone.
He feels contented to live in the presence of God, rather than filling his heart with the satisfactions of the world.
Against criticism and antagonistic behaviour from the world, his Faith in God and Love for God, acts as his strong defense.

In every place and in every circumstances, he lives his life virtuously, at his very best, in the honour of God.
Everything that he does, is done Sincerely and Faithfully, in the honour of God.
The word of TRUTH10 lives in his heart and his life-  he is the living Gospel of Christ.
His life respects and values the preciousness of his soul11.
His life is planted near the streams of living water12 -  he bears hundredfold fruits in the field of uprightness.

His heart is full of zeal and works zealously for the Kingdom of God.
He acts selflessly and lives charitably, without expecting any gratitude and any reward.
He conscientiously lives a life of Love in God.
His heart is always full of Gratitude towards God.
Being constantly aware of his sinfulness, he lives a life of repentance with a contrite heart-  in Humility towards God.

1. He strives to do everything perfectly to the best of his ability- in the honour of God. There is no place for mediocrity in his life.

2. God is always with us. HE is always near us. HIS presence is to be constantly revered.

3. Such that God's name is honoured; and is careful about bringing disrespect to God's Most Holy name.

4. Everything he does, is done meticulously and conscientiously, in the honour of God. On the other hand, Cain's offering is a mark of mediocrity.

5. There is constancy in his behaviour.

6. Those who are weak in their Faith in God; and those of other faiths, who have not accepted Jesus Christ, as their salvation.

7. Watchful as wise virgins; being aware of the times; being aware of the frailty of human nature, he perseveringly prays for the Grace to live Faithfully and Obediently, in the honour of God, in this world of vanity.

8. Bears everything Patiently like Blessed Job.

9. All the help.

10. Jesus Christ, the living WORD; Jesus Christ, the Eternal TRUTH.

11. He is not negligent of the welfare of his soul; he is careful to avoid sin and burden his soul with impurity.

12. Jesus Christ.