Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful- do not defile it with vain and faithless1 living.
Life is Precious- do not waste it in unfruitful2 living.

1. Life without the reverence of God.

2. Deeds which do not  edify others.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Be like a Child

As we live through life, we grow into 'mature worldly beings'- rather than growing up into 'mature children of God'.

Jesus Christ exhorts us to be like a child- in our innocence1; in our humility; in our forgiveness; in our love towards God and our neighbor.

We should diligently preserve2 this Childlikeness - even while we are maturing.
Because once we lose this gentle innocence, then it becomes difficult on part of our maturity to live a life of faith in God; to love and forgive and be innocent as  a little lamb.

1. Innocence= Childlike; Harmless (innocence will suffer in all humility but never offend- never harm.); having credulous faith (just a little evidence is enough, to believe- e.g. Apostle John); be humbly reliant (as a child is reliant on its mother for everything- we as mature children should be reliant on God.)

2. Preserve childlikeness= By staying close to God- through prayer; Holy Mass; Spiritual reading and spending time with little children.