Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Children of the living God

We are exhorted  to wear the garment1 of Christ's love at all times- no two2 garments.

1. Behaving in a way that is worthy of Christ; being an example among the people of other faiths by our Love; Faith; Humility and Purity.

2. You cannot please both, world and God. To please God, always– must be the priority of our life.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

We are all called for Holiness

Be it any profession, be it any way of life, we are all called for Holiness.
We are called to practice our Faith in a manner that is applicable to our individual state of life1.
We are called to live2 our Faith in proportion to the strength of our virtue3.
We are called to live our life as a pleasing offering4, in Faith in God.

The Sincerity; the Humility; the Love, and the Reverence with which we live  our Faith, will certainly bring us closer to the reward of Sanctity.

1. No profession, however occupying and tiring and no life, however difficult and burdensome – nothing can separate us from the love of God. Faith can be practiced  at all times and in every circumstances. Everything (duty; responsibility; work; moments of refreshment etc.) that our life calls for, is to be lived in Faith (in God) with sincerity and love for God.

2. Live our faith in love (doing deeds of Mercy; being Kind; being Gentle; being Generous; being Patient; being Understanding)– in the love of God.

3. We are creatures of flesh, endowed with a spiritual soul. God has  Blessed each one with unique spiritual strengths and talents. We are called to use those strengths and talents in a manner that brings Honour to God's name, unlike the servant who neglected and ignored the one talent entrusted to him by his Master.

4.  Each moment and every day of our life is to be offered to God, to live it reverently, in HIS honour.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Be Blessed in Humility

In Humility1 we receive more2 from God, than all that we Can earn with the sheer strength of our labor and will.

1. Those who are diligent and live humbly before God, obeying HIS commandments Faithfully– rather than those who only believe in the strength of their labour and will.

2. In our Humility before God, we receive HIS constant protection; we receive God's Mercy; HE keeps us in HIS Most Holy presence; HE brings us safely to Eternal life; HE brings us honour; HE brings Joy and Peace to our restless heart; HE listens to our plea in our moments of distress; HE revives our spirit and gives us Hope to live our life with renewed strength of Faith and Love.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Jesus is our True Happiness

Our heart and our soul cannot be perfectly Happy and at Peace unless it is freed from the burden of sin; unless it is reconciled  with God. It is Jesus Christ alone, who takes away the burden of sin upon HIMSELF and brings Joy and tranquility in our heart.

Jesus is the True Peace1, who alone has the Grace to console our fears and our anxieties and to bring them to stillness in HIM. It is Christ alone, who grants us the Grace to be at Peace in our misery and wretchedness.

Our heart longs to be nourished with Love. It is Jesus Christ alone, who is True love– the 'LOVE' who suffered for our sins and died for our sins. It is the love of Christ that satisfies2 the deepest longing and needs of our heart and fills the emptiness in our heart.

Jesus is the wisdom of God . It is HE alone, who has the words of Eternal life. It is HIS way of love that brings us on the path of contentment and Happiness and keeps us secure.

1. It is by the sacrifice of Jesus's Blood that we are brought to reconciliation with God.

2. The worldly things  bring momentary happiness to our heart. But Jesus Christ brings Eternal Happiness to our heart and soul. HE alone is the true satisfaction of our heart.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Sufferings and Blessings

Every Cross1 that we face in our life and every burden2 that is laid down on our shoulders,  has a Blessing3 attached to it–  if it is lived with Faith and Humility in Christ.

1. Physical sufferings viz. physical disability; illnesses etc; the difficulties and pain that time and circumstances bring in our life.
In the weakness of our flesh and our will, the sins that we commit against God. Our daily sins burden our soul. We often ignore this Cross and do not care much for our soul.

2. Duties and responsibilities  towards our family members, especially old Parents; those who are sick; those who are physically disabled.
In fact, caring responsibilities should not be treated as a burden but should be handled with Christian love.

3. God reserves a unique Blessing for each one's life.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Be Joyful, Be Hopeful– For I AM Risen

Be Joyful, Be Hopeful– For I Am Risen

HE came into this world, to teach us the way of Love.
HE came into this world, to show us that true love always suffers– even unto death.
HE came into this world, to give us the living evidence by HIS Life, Death and Resurrection that HE alone is the TRUTH– the one True God and HE alone brings us to Eternal life.
HE came into this world, that we may live the way of HIS Love.
HE came into this world, that we may believe in the TRUTH of HIS Life.
HE came into this world, that we may inherit Eternal life through HIM, and in HIM.

Does Jesus Christ (the Way, the TRUTH and the Life) who lived 2000 years ago, live in you– today?
Is HE despised and ignored in your heart , the way HE was despised 2000 years ago, by the Jews and the Romans?



Friday, 30 March 2018

For God so loved the world

In the picture, we see Jesus Christ (the Bread of Everlasting life ) offering HIMSELF as a loving sacrifice for the salvation of the world.
For God so loved the world
Summary: In the picture, we see Jesus Christ (the Bread of Everlasting life ) offering HIMSELF as a loving sacrifice for the salvation of the world.


The broken Bread: The broken Bread symbolizes the Body of Christ, lovingly offered as a sacrifice for the life of the world.

The living Bread is full of  love– for God is love.

The green color outlining the Bread symbolizes the innocence of Jesus. ["For if this is what is done to green wood, what will be done when the wood is dry?" [Luke 23:31] ]

The red Cross made up of thorny mesh symbolizes the intense sufferings of Jesus.

The radiating Heart symbolizes the outpouring of Jesus's abundant love. It further symbolizes the Joy of victory over sin.

The Blood drops: The Blood of Jesus Christ (full of Merciful love; full of Grace; full of life; full of Holy Spirit.) poured out for the salvation of many.

In the picture, we see the Blood of Jesus Christ ( the light of the world ) dispelling the darkness of sin from the sinful world.

The background: The violet- purplish shade of the sky symbolizes Heaven– in mourning. The fiery colors of the sky symbolizes the Passion of Christ; the anger and the  hostility of the Jews; the ruffled environment. The dark clouds  enveloping the earth symbolizes the darkness of sin.