Sunday, 15 July 2018

Daily Reverence

Each day of our life is an opportunity to thank God; to praise God; to believe in God; to repent; to do good deeds in Love and  to come closer to God.

We must live each  day in a way that the virtues1 are praised2 through our work and our daily life, thereby respecting God's presence in our life.

Christian living is conscientious3 living.

1. Simplicity; Sincerity; Diligence; Faithfulness; Obedience; Kindness; Understanding; Forgiveness etc.

2. Each aspect of our character should be used to  give reverence to God, as moment calls for/ as an opportunity comes our way.

Each day is filled with variety of moments and opportunities, to practice God's kingdom values.

When an opportunity comes our way to practice Diligence, we must do our best to praise the virtue of diligence through our work- thereby giving reverence to God.

When a moment needs us to be Humble, we must practice humility, thus giving reverence to God.

When a moment demands Obedience to our Superiors, we must be obedient- thus honoring God through the virtue of obedience.

When a moment requires our generous help to those in need, we must practice the virtue of Charity- thus praising God.

3. Strive to do everything perfectly to the best of one's ability- in the honour of God- no mediocre work.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

God's saving help

When burdens of life  weigh heavily on our shoulders, we must cling to God with all our Faith and all our Hope-  HE surely comes to our rescue, to help1 in our distress.

HIS saving help comes to our rescue, the more we trust in HIM and make HIM our refuge and seek HIM daily.

The more we stay close to God, the more we feel HIS  saving help near.

HIS saving help speedily comes to the rescue of all those who live according to HIS commandments.

1. Those who maintain faithful relationship with God, their cry for help is always heard.

HIS saving help is close at hand to poor and needy, with no one to help.

God will not listen to the cry of  all those who bring dishonour to HIS name, by their deeds of unfaithfulness; those who maintain outward appearance of religion. Their plea for help and their distress will not be considered since they do not follow the way of God.

God always listens to the cry (for help ) of a repentant sinner who humbly acknowledges his sins and turns away from his sinful ways.

Those who humbly seek God's help must also be willing to accept God's will.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Righteous heart

A heart that is filled with God's Most Holy presence; a heart that is filled with Faith and Hope in God, guides us on the right path in life.

A heart that is filled with vanity and stubborn unbelief in God, leads us more into  errors and confusion1 in life.

1. Every kind of disorder in life.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

God's Most Holy will

In Heaven and on earth, God's 'Most Holy will' holds priority1.

God is the Creator of life and universe. HE is the potter. He knows the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of our heart.
The weakness of our flesh causes us to fall into sin; into errors and into difficult circumstances.
Sometimes, God allows these things to happen to us, for our own good-  to Humble2 us; to strengthen us; to prepare3 us for HIS great work of salvation; to test the sincerity4 of our Faith; to test our Humble5 dependence on HIM.
Most of the times we may not understand HIS ways, and even find it difficult at times to accept HIS 'Most Holy will' in our life.

We are imperfect creatures of flesh.
It is God's  will that we live in HIS presence, and grow perfect.

God's 'Most Holy will' always seeks the greater good of our soul.
From time to time, God presents us with opportunities6, to come  back to HIM-  but we fail to recognize HIM and acknowledge HIS will.

With all those who love God, God's 'Most Holy will' brings them on the path of Truth-  however much their errors and their sins7.

God's 'Most Holy will' is a rampart8 for all those who acknowledge HIM and Humbly live according to HIS Commandments.

All those who Honour HIM, God's 'Most Holy will' assists them in all their endeavours9.

With all those whom God has Called for great work of salvation10, HIS  'Most Holy will' powerfully assists them and leads them to fulfillment.

1. Angels in Heaven obey it Faithfully; Jesus Christ obeyed Heavenly Father's will Faithfully, throughout HIS life- likewise, we too, are expected to obey it Faithfully.
Everything that happens in Heaven and on earth, happens according to the will of God. HE is the potter. To build up or to break down, is entirely in HIS hands. It is for HIM to judge what is right- to allow something unpleasant to happen or to prevent it. Even if HE allows unpleasant circumstances, nevertheless HE does it for our own good.

2. Paul was humbled by the hand of God, while on his way to Damascus, to persecute Christians.

3. Peter fell into sin of denying Jesus Christ- God allowed this fall, to make him understand that- in God alone, we stand firm, and become worthy to carry out HIS 'Most Holy will'. In our pride and strength of our will, we cannot do God's work.

4. e.g. Abraham.

5. Israelites were tested in the desert for forty years- to know whether they'll faithfully obey God's Commandments.

6. Wise instructions through different people; moral instructions of Faith, through different circumstances. We fail to recognize HIM in the opportunities HE presents to us, for our homecoming.

7. e.g. King David.

8. God did not abandon Joseph to suffer the wicked designs of his brothers, but HE cared for him and rescued him from his plight.

9. Works that are good, and for the greater Glory of God. e.g. God assisted Abraham's servant to choose Rebekah as a wife for Isaac.

10. e.g.  Abraham, Moses, Jonah et al.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The purpose of our Life

In whatever state of life we are placed, God's purpose for our life, is to live a Holy life in HIM.
Although we live in the  world of Vanity, our hearts should always be focused in living a life of sanctity in God.
While living in this world of Vanity, we must always pray to be Wise– that we give to Caesar1, what belongs2 to Caesar and  never to  be indifferent3 in giving to God, what belongs to God.

We are pilgrims in this world. This world  is not our home. God's purpose for our life is— that we live our short life,  Beautifully and Wonderfully in HIM–  being a light to the world and guiding others4 on the path of Eternal life, through  our Faithful and virtuous life in HIM.

We are placed in this world, where God's presence seems to be far-off. God's purpose for our life is–  that we live each day with Faith and Hope of Eternal life in HIM.

God Blessed HIS creation to be fruitful and to multiply.  God's purpose for our life is to be fruitful in HIS  Love  and to spread the fragrance of Sanctity, by our deeds of Love.

God created this world in HIS Faithful Love. HE wants us to live in HIS  Love and Reverence.

1. A prototype of the world.

2. Whatever duties the world requires us to do, we must do it Faithfully.

3. We must never be indifferent in doing our duty of Love towards God- to honour God in all places, at all times; to live as becoming children of God.

4. People of weak Faith; people of other faiths .

Sunday, 24 June 2018

How is your Faith?

Where there is Faith–  there is Reverence1 of God.
Where there is Faith-  there is Conscientious2 living.
Where there is Faith-  there is life of Love3.
Where there is Faith-  there is Hope of Eternal life, in Jesus Christ.

1. Being aware of God's presence at all times and being careful of bringing dishonor to God's name among the people of other faiths; living a life of salt.

2. Christian living is a conscientious living- in every place and at all times, all our deeds should carry the mark and quality of Christ's Love. No mediocre living; no pretence and outward appearance of being a Christian.

3. To be Humble; to be Understanding; to be Forgiving; to be Charitable.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The rooster still crows

The rooster1 still crows for every person that denies2 and disowns3 Jesus Christ and sins against God.

Lord, forgive me- have mercy on me, a sinner.

1. The rooster reminds us that each one of us is connected with the Passion and death of Christ. Jesus Christ suffered and died for the salvation of each person in the world. The rooster crowed not only for Peter's denial of Jesus but also for every person in the world, who still refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ, as their salvation.

2. Deny to believe Jesus Christ as the son of the living God and our true salvation.

3. When we behave unfaithfully and irreverently towards God- unbecoming of the children of God.