Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Faith always follows God and perseveres in HIM– even when understanding falls short to comprehend God's ways and HIS will.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Peace and Harmony

Where God is revered, there LOVE1 lives.

Where love2 is lived, there is Peace and Harmony.

1. God.
2. Love of God– living conscientiously the virtues of God– to be kind; Gentle; Generous; Forgiving; Understanding and Merciful.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Love God- Believe in God

In our ignorance of God and  in our stubbornness to acknowledge God, when we yield1 to evil, it makes us blind2 and warps our understanding3.
The evil impels us to defy the TRUTH4  and makes us fearless of the consequences of our sins. It inebriates5 our soul with the joy of vanity. Eventually, with cunning subtlety it drags our soul  to the door of damnation.

Are you still his slave?

1. when you deny God–  you accept the authority of evil.

2. prevents us from seeing our folly.

3. of right and wrong.

4. Jesus Christ.

5. makes us complacent– that we do not feel a need for God.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Christian living

Christian life  is not for mediocrity.1
Christian life  is a life of conscientious living.2

we are called to be salt of the earth; light to the world and leaven of Christ's love– to leaven the whole world with the love of Christ.

1. less spiritual fervor; a lukewarm life (not living life in the fullness of Christ's love.); not making any progress in Christ's love; living a life of self-satisfaction.

2. generously bringing forth good works in the love of God; faithful and diligent living; doing every work wholeheartedly.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Our daily life

Let your life be more of an uplifting inspiration.1

And watch carefully, to be less a cause of moral degradation.2

1. through your life of faith in Christ; through your chastity; through your patience ; through your kindness ; through your love; through your cheerful generosity ; through your understanding ; through your gentleness ; through your  mercy; through your resolute perseverance in Christ in difficult times .

2. A bad example, a cause of downfall through bad faith; selfish attitudes; immodest apparel; coarse words; bad temper; quarrels; arrogance; abuse; jealousy; every kind of malice.  

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The greatest sin of married life

Divorce is the greatest sin1 of married life.

Marriage is a  sacred union of man and woman, sanctified by God and witnessed by God.  It is a perpetual bond in which two souls entrust themselves in Love and Trust in God.  The two souls are united with each other and with God as one family. Divorce is a wicked act of defying God and  breaking our trust in HIS faithful love.

Pray, that the union remain Blessed and that no overwhelming circumstances prompt a behavior so wicked and foolish as to break the sacred bond and trust in God.

Abuse and all other sins are of secondary importance. Human weaknesses can be corrected and circumstances can change with time.

But the abrogation of the  Holy bond is of utmost importance. It involves too great an insult to God.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Happy Teacher's Day' 2017

Teacher's day artwork by Sanjay M Colaco.
Happy Teacher's Day' 2017

On this wonderful day, let us thank God for all the Teachers; our Parents and all those people who have inspired us and influenced our life to make us what we are– today.

Happy Teacher's day !

Have a Blessed day !!!