Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Let God be revered

Let God be revered in our life.
For HIS love is Faithful.
For HE alone forgives. For with HIM is generous ransom1.
HE alone saves us from perdition.
HE alone restores us.
HE alone brings us to new life in HIM.

1. God relented from bringing destruction on Nineveh. HE does not treat us as our sins deserve, but generously forgives us– like prodigal son's Merciful Father.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Suffering- a good companion for life

In the journey of life, suffering is our good companion1.
For Christ suffered for us, first- HE died for us.
Now, it's our turn, to take up our cross2 and follow3 HIM daily.
And HE will bring us to Eternal Glory.

1. Good companion: In suffering patiently and willingly for God, we find Jesus for our 'good companion'.  HE assures us of HIS strong presence during the moments of our weaknesses and sufferings. By patiently bearing our suffering, we share in HIS sufferings. Through suffering we are perfected in God's grace.

2. The difficulties and pain that time and circumstances bring in our life.

3. To trust HIM wholeheartedly despite the contrary circumstances and to persevere in deeds of Love and Mercy.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Test of Virtue

In every place and at all times, when virtue1 is tested, it is found Beautiful.
Virtue shines Beautifully in all circumstances.

1. Love; Humility; Chastity; Forgiveness; Kindness; Patience; Diligence; Faith; Hope;  Honesty; Temperance.

Virtue is without any pretence; it is not sanctimonious.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Read it, and listen to HIM

We are people of Grace1– people of Holy scriptures2.
We need Holy scriptures in our daily life, to be  alive in this world of vanity– to avoid errors in our life.
Neglecting Holy scriptures means neglecting the light of God, needed to enlighten us and guide us on the path of 'TRUTH'.

1. Through Jesus Christ, we have received God's saving Grace.
2. Holy scriptures has been given to us, to instruct us on the path of 'TRUTH'.

St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo) read it and listened to HIM– life of sin left him– Eternal life came closer to him.

Holy ones read it; faithful ones still read it and listen to the 'WORD'– the 'WORD' that became flesh for us, sinners.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Always trust in God's loving Mercy

For all the life that the 'good thief' had lived, his  life didn't deserve1 the reward of Eternal kingdom.
Nevertheless, his humility2 and perfect trust in God's loving mercy, counted more than a life of repentance, in the eyes of God.

1. didn't deserve it instantly. No one unworthy could instantly be taken into the 'Kingdom of God'.

2. Humility to acknowledge God; humility to revere God; humility to acknowledge his many sins.

May we Live our life in such a way, that the moment of death finds us in a state of humility; in a state of faith and loving trust in God's infinite Mercy.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Eternally with HIM

God wants us to live and be alive1, in HIS love– that we may live with HIM, forever.

1. In a state of God's Grace, where we believe and acknowledge Jesus Christ, as our salvation.

If we persevere to be alive in HIM, now– we shall continue to live with HIM in Eternal life.

Jesus Christ is God's saving grace.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Humility vs PRIDE

In humility, we come to know and acknowledge God's doing in our life.
In PRIDE, we boastfully believe every achievement and  success, to be the fruit of our own labor.