Sunday, 2 October 2016

Our Life- a moment's play

Our life is a moment's play.

How we play1 each moment, determines the quality and worth of our life.

Each moment of our life is a choiceful living- to live a life, full of Grace or to live a disgraceful life; to honor God's presence or to ignore God; to obey God's commandments or to flout God's Commandment; to live a faithful life or to live an unfaithful life; to live a life of uprightness or to live a life of sin.

It is very difficult to win every moment for the reverence of God. But if we are determined2 to live in the reverence of God- then God's Grace is sufficient for us, to win the spiritual battle. in the reverence of God.

2.Daniel and his Companions were determined to obey God's Commandments and not to defile themselves with the food and wine from the royal table- God granted them HIS faithful Love. [ Daniel 1:8 ]

No one can hurt you, if you are determined to do only what is right. [ 1Peter 3:13 ]