Sunday, 1 January 2017

New year

In the ways of the world, new year is for new plans; new resolutions; new undertakings etc.
In the ways of God- new year is for beginning new life in God and yet another year of preparation( for Eternal Kingdom) for those who are nearing their end of life.

What resolutions do we make?
what resolutions can we promise?

St. Augustine beautifully describes the truth of human nature in his prayer:

"our life groans under sorrow, yet mends not in deed.
If Thou spare us we correct not our ways- if Thou punish we cannot endure it.
In time of correction we confess our wrong-doing- after Thy visitation we forget that we have wept.
If Thou stretchest forth Thy hand we promise amendment- if Thou witholdest the sword we keep not our promise.
If Thou strikest we cry out for mercy- if Thou sparest we again provoke Thee to strike."

Today' picture of Christian life is- Married relationships are falling apart; relationship between husband and wife lacks love and affection;  Faith in God has grown weak- is not strong enough to endure the hardships of changing times.

In view of our life in this transient world, the only resolution we ought to keep is- our steadfast faith in Christ our Lord. The more we grow stronger in our faith relationship with God- the more it will conquer the world( unbelief; hate; malice; envy; anger etc.) that is within us- God's everlasting Peace will take hold of our life; our relationships.

Have a Blessed and Fruitful year in God !!!