Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Choose Life

There is a way1 which leads to death- satan makes haste on this  way.
He always makes haste with all those who believe less2 in God's Mercy and those who want to make an end of their life.

Path which leads to life is- Jesus Christ.

Choose life.

Pray3 and hold fast onto God's love.

1. Unbelief in God; lack of trust in God's Mercy. Unbelief  is darkness. In darkness, there is no light; there is no God- there is no life. It leads to spiritual death.

2. Judas Iscariot trusted less in God's Mercy and Forgiveness- and was lost to perdition.

3. Peter; Tobit and Sarah- they prayed- they didn't allow themselves to be overcome by frustration and depression of life- and were healed by God's Faithful Love and  Infinite Mercy.