Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A call to unity- in Christ Jesus

God scattered mankind in different nations, speaking different languages, all over the world- because man united in his pride to defy1 the authority of God.

Man's enterprise in building a great tower for himself, was not for the Glory of God- but for his own glory; to satisfy his ever-increasing lust for achievements.

That which began as a small enterprise in building the 'Tower of Babel'2(reaching Heaven) has eventually reached the skies in modern advancement and technology- not acknowledging God or giving Glory to God- rather, being proud of his accomplishments.

Nevertheless- today, God calls us to repentance; to unity- in one faith; in one Love, in Christ Jesus- our Lord.

In Christ alone, we are unity- one world.

1. "let us build ourselves a city... and make a name for ourselves". [Genesis 11:4]

Rather than living according to Yahweh's commandments and becoming Yahweh's people and Yahweh's Blessed nation.

2. 'Tower of Babel' signifies the defying attitude of mankind towards God.

Those who don't acknowledge God- they have their own 'Tower of Babel'-  their accomplishments; fame; beauty; wealth; education etc.

we must acknowledge God for every aspect of our being; our life.

When we don't acknowledge God- we defy God.