Sunday, 20 August 2017

Denial and Betrayal- Salvation and Damnation

Peter denied of knowing Jesus while Judas betrayed the Love of Jesus.
The two of them faced diverse consequences.
Peter was saved whereas Judas was condemned.

Salvation came home to Peter– Peter loved Jesus with all his heart and he trusted in HIS Faithful love and Loving Mercy. His sin brought about repentance1 in God and led him close to God's Love.
Judas was driven to damnation– Judas was earthly minded; his heart didn't seek the love of Jesus and hence couldn't believe in God's Loving Mercy. His sin took him away from God.

Let's stay close to the heart (Love) of Jesus– that we may have the strength to seek HIS loving Mercy.

1. By its very nature sin takes us away from God. By contrast, in the heart of Peter, Love caused sin to repent in God, whereas in the faithless heart of Judas, sin ran its course and led him to damnation.