Sunday, 27 August 2017

God, the Master Healer of all circumstances

God is the potter and we are the clay. We are HIS handiwork. HE has fashioned our life for a purpose HE has intended. God's plan  for our life is for our own good. But if our life does not serve God's purpose and goes against HIS will, then we have to bear the consequences1 for our own sins.

God is the Master of our life. HE has  authority over every circumstances in our life. In whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, we must humbly accept with faith, God's purpose for our life– rather than spending anxious time in understanding why me?

We can trust that God will never lay a burden too great on our weak shoulders or place us in a difficult circumstances which we are unable to bear. God can make us grow and prosper2 in any kind of circumstances. HE can turn any Contrary circumstances3 in our favor– only if we faithfully trust in HIM . God makes us fruitful on HIS path, which HE has planned for us.

Our life is God's generous gift to us. we are here in this world, to live according to HIS will. Our life is for humbly accepting all the circumstances in faith from God's hand and living it reverently for HIM.

No one can live more contentedly than the one who willingly accepts his share of sufferings from God's hand and lives humbly for God.

1. We ourselves impose frustrations on our life path by acting against God's will.

2. All the Prophets; Saints and God's Holy people were blessed in their humble circumstances for accepting and living according to  God's will, in Faith and Humility.
e.g. Israelites under the slavery of Egyptians– the salvation history.
e.g. Abraham was made the father of many nations.
e.g. Joseph became the Governor of Egypt- became an important element in the history of salvation.

3. e.g. Daniel in lion's pit.
    e.g. Joseph betrayed by Potiphar's wife. Joseph was exalted to the honor of a Governor of Egypt.
     e.g. St. Josephine Bakhita– life's journey from slave girl to Sainthood.