Saturday, 30 December 2017

Christmas crib' 2017_Day time

This Christmas crib is based on the theme: God is Love– God is life. 

Every element in the crib has a symbolic meaning, so please kindly care to read the description.

I thank God for helping me to complete the crib beautifully. The process of creating this crib was a challenge to me– especially the lighting of the cross and the individual hearts– but God helped me.

I pray, God Bless your life and strengthen your faith in HIM.

Christmas crib' 2017_Day time

1. The yellow star symbolizes the Glorious birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

2. The Cross with a heart in the center signifies Christ born in love for our salvation; Christ suffered and died in love for our salvation.

3.The central red heart signifies– the love of Christ welcomes everybody.

4. The green Cross with the sprouts is symbolic of Christ– “the WORD alive; the living TRUTH; the resurrection and the life; the living vine which nourishes every Christian in love. The green colour specifically refers to Jesus Christ. "For if this is what is done to green wood, what will be done when the wood is dry?" (Luke 23:31). Here green is symbolic of HIS innocence.

5. The central red heart is symbolic of Christ’s sufferings; HIS death on the cross for our salvation.

6. The vine twigs with three leaves symbolizes Holy Trinity– the Divinity of Christ.

7. Through Love, we come closer to God. The white hearts with vine sprouts progressing towards the Cross symbolizes Faithful Christians progressing towards God in love.

8. The seven stepped ladder of Kingdom values (Humility; Faith; Mercy; Forgiveness; Understanding; Gentleness and Love) is symbolic of the ‘way of perfection’ leading to Christ. Each step brings us closer to God.

9. The red patch of blood on the white heart is symbolic of suffering– being a part of Christian life.

10. The white heart (with a vine sprout) is mounted high on the ground symbolizing– virtues of God are always higher than the worldly values. The Kingdom values increasingly exalt us and lead us to God.

11. The bare ground with boulders is symbolic of the aridity of the world.