Sunday, 4 March 2018

Read it, and listen to HIM

We are people of Grace1– people of Holy scriptures2.
We need Holy scriptures in our daily life, to be  alive in this world of vanity– to avoid errors in our life.
Neglecting Holy scriptures means neglecting the light of God, needed to enlighten us and guide us on the path of 'TRUTH'.

1. Through Jesus Christ, we have received God's saving Grace.
2. Holy scriptures has been given to us, to instruct us on the path of 'TRUTH'.

St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo) read it and listened to HIM– life of sin left him– Eternal life came closer to him.

Holy ones read it; faithful ones still read it and listen to the 'WORD'– the 'WORD' that became flesh for us, sinners.