Friday, 18 November 2016

Lord, you are my everything.

A devout soul in deep contemplation of Christ' Passion.
Lord, you are my everything

By HIS wounds we are healed and in HIS sufferings we are purified and restored to Peace.

In the picture, a devout soul is spiritually immersed in the passion of Christ. She is immersed in the passion through her deep love for Christ.

Her heart is contemplating the passion of Christ- the reddish; violet and purplish colors of the heart denote the intense passion of Christ.

The inner core of the heart with the luminous colors  denote the peace of Christ, descending into her heart.

The green wood denotes the innocence of Christ.

Christ- ' the lamb of God '- ' the unblemished lamb ' is shown in white, symbolizing purity and Divinity.

The roughness of strokes to the overall painting is characteristic of the passion and the devout soul, too is immersed in that roughness ( the great tribulation of Christ ).