Sunday, 20 November 2016

Feast of 'Christ our King'

Today, we celebrate the Feast of 'Christ the King'- tomorrow and the day after, we won't.
Today, Christ our benevolent king, invites us to entrust our life to HIM.
HE humbly knocks on our heart- waiting to be welcomed.
Let us welcome HIM now, with the eagerness of Zacchaeus.
Let us humbly submit to 'Christ our King' and pay our daily homage to HIM.
For in HIM alone, our restless heart finds Peace.
In HIM alone, the burden of our daily life becomes bearable.
In HIM alone, all our crooked ways are straightened.
In HIM alone, we'll live a worthy life.

Wish you all, a Blessed Feast of 'Christ our King' !!!