Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas crib' 2013

I have created this Christmas Crib on the theme: "I am the way, the truth and the Life."

Mountain: The Mountain symbolizes the way. The way is of Love;of humility;of poverty;of faith;of holiness;of simplicity and of perfection. The white color of the mountain symbolizes the purity of spiritual life. Everyone has to traverse this way and complete his journey of faith during the course of his earthly life.

Steps: The steps have a scripture passage written on top of it.The word of God guides our path and helps us to reach the ultimate goal of life-Eternal life. The steps on this spiritual mountain follow irregular path symbolizing difficulties and trials, where our faith is put to test.

Rosary: The Rosary bordering the steps symbolizes Blessed virgin, accompanying us along the way.

Green pastures: Green pastures on the mountain symbolize spiritual life at the beginning of the spiritual journey. The pastures dwindle down as the spiritual journey progresses-Christ becomes our food, our drink, our Consolation, our salvation.

Heart: The heart on the top of the mountain symbolizes life. The Life which Christ gave us by sacrificing Himself on the cross. The heart is dripping with blood-the blood which He shed for us on the cross( on mount Calvary ).
The spots of blood strewn over the mountain are that of His followers.

Green twigs: The freshly green twigs sprouting from the heart indicates the freshness and Joy which Christ brings to our life. The Love of Christ invigorates our life.

Cross: The Cross symbolizes that Christ is the Truth. The Cross has a star, indicating that Christ came into this world to bring salvation, through his death on the Cross.

The green color of the Cross and the rosary is indicative of peace.

The brown boulders represents earthly life.

The beauty of this crib lie in its simplicity and the richness lies in its spiritual meaning.

P.S. Deo Gratias to my mother, my brother and my sisters for their valuable support.

Here are some pictures of the crib:

Christmas crib' 2013
Christmas crib' 2013_1

Christmas crib' 2013_2

Christmas crib' 2013_3

Christmas crib' 2013_4

Christmas crib' 2013_5

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