Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas crib' 2015

Christmas Message: Jesus Christ is the Love that unites hearts and brings peace in the family and in the whole wide world-in HIM alone, we are reconciled with each other and with God.

1. In the Crib, we see man and woman with human weaknesses- broken
and fragmented by sin and hardships of life. Christ restores them to peace. Christ is the Peace in the family; in the community; in the nation and in the whole wide world.

2. The stump symbolizes the ' root of Jesse '- Jesus Christ, born of the stock of Jesse- in whom the nations will put their hope.

3. The green heart symbolizes the heart of Jesus Christ- *green wood, being symbolic of Jesus Christ. [Luke 23:31]

4. The vine- Jesus Christ, the true vine. The shoots sprouting from HIS lively and life giving Sacred heart symbolize Grace.

5. The entwining shoots around man and woman symbolize- We grow in HIS grace- we are nourished by HIS Grace- our peace is restored in HIS Grace.

6. The green cross (*green wood) symbolize the innocence of Jesus. Jesus Christ came into the world for our salvation. It is in HIM alone, we find Peace and are reconciled with God.

7. The red spot in the centre of the cross symbolize His death and suffering, for our salvation.

8. The yellow star symbolize the Glory of God- His Divinity.

9. The green color is symbolic of something that is alive; something that is fresh; something that is lively; something that is growing. Jesus Christ is the freshness and liveliness of our life. HE is the living water, the stream near whom we should all plant our life- that our souls be nourished by HIS Love and HIS Grace.

* For if this is what is done to green wood, what will be done when the wood is dry?’ [Luke 23:31] 

Here are some of the crib pictures along with other decorations:

Christmas crib' 2015_1

Christmas crib' 2015_2

Christmas crib' 2015_3

Christmas crib' 2015_4

Christmas crib' 2015_Night_5

Christmas crib' 2015_Night_6

Christmas crib' 2015_Night_7

Christmas crib' 2015_8

Christmas crib' 2015_9

Christmas crib' 2015_10

Christmas crib' 2015_11

Christmas crib' 2015_12

Christmas crib' 2015_13

Christmas crib' 2015_14

Christmas crib' 2015_15

Christmas crib' 2015_16

Christmas crib' 2015_17

Christmas crib' 2015_18

Christmas crib' 2015_19

Christmas crib' 2015_20

Christmas crib' 2015_Night_21

Christmas crib' 2015_Night_22