Sunday, 23 October 2016


Those who are truly good -their life speaks for God.
                                       -their life directs people to God.
                                       -their life brings conversion in the people, in the direction of God. They are 'Heavenly-wise-Good'. Heaven rejoices in such people, whose life glorifies God on earth.
        Those who are good in the eyes of the world are indeed good, but they fall short of being 'truly good' -as their faith in God, does not speak for God. The 'world-wise-good' people do good to the world, but have never known God. They are not convinced about God. Their life doesn't direct people to God. Their life follows only one part of the Lord's commandment- " Love your neighbor", while "loving God" - reverence of God is completely excluded.The 'world-wise-good' people don't feel the need to love God- they only love their own kind. Their life is centered in the world. This is how the 'tempter' manipulates the people of the world. He (the 'tempter' ) gives them the feeling of doing good, but prevents them from becoming 'truly good' by keeping their faith away from God.
         The 'world-wise-good' people are the ones whom our Lord rebuked. They said: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, drive out demons in your name, work many miracles in your name?” [Mt7:22 ]. To them, the Lord replied : " I have never known you ".
       In Truth, they never knew God. All their good works were done in the world, to be exalted in the eyes of the world- not for the 'Greater Glory of God'. Their works were not directed to bring back people to faith-in-God.