Saturday, 29 October 2016

Taste and see that the Lord is Good [Psalm 34:8]

We are too engaged in ourselves and the world around us.
we have tasted too much of the world and a negligible amount of God- that we have almost forgotten the taste of God.
Vanity of the world has made us dull- our Faith; our Hope and our Love.
we have lost our Joy and Enthusiasm in living.
Suddenly, God has become a myth for us.

Prophet Jeremiah says:" We live in a world of bad Faith...  and out of bad Faith, we refuse to acknowledge God in our lives." [Jeremiah 9:5 ]

The more we look at ourselves; our weaknesses; our failings and the unfaithful world around us, the more dejected we will feel.On the contrary, if we accept our weaknesses and our failings with Humility and persevere in our Love for Jesus and look at HIM with Faith, our strength will be renewed. Although our problems may remain the same, nevertheless we will receive the Grace and the strength to overcome them.

God invites us every moment to taste HIS Goodness and see for ourselves that HE is good and beneficial for our life.