Friday, 28 October 2016

If only young men/women reconcile with God

In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, they were ignorant of their self. Their identity was God. Though they were made of flesh and blood, the state of their being was pure.Though they were naked, they were perfectly comfortable with their nakedness, as yet lust was unknown to them.
    But when they ate of the forbidden fruit ( fruit of the knowledge of good and evil ) the state of their body  entirely transformed. They became aware of their self ; they became vulnerable to evil; mortality entered their body. They became ashamed of their nakedness and lust became known to them.
   Man broke with God through his disobedience. And life became a difficult exercise of free will. The more he failed in choosing good from evil ,of his own free will, the more he became vulnerable to sin. Through life of sin, man ( both man and woman ) lost respect for God and HIS creation.

   Thanks be to God for the gift of his Beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Grace came to save us from the slavery of sin.

   In today's world we see men and women complaining against each other- men complain about women's  *indecency in dressing; while women complain about men's lewdness and lack of self-control. The lack of disrespect for each other, is the result of our unfaithfulness to God. In love of God, dignity of mankind and respect for each other is restored. People need to return back to the life of innocence. Only then, the sinful play of Herod ( bad boys; immoral men; perpetrators) , Herodias ( bad girls; immodest women; adulteress ) and Innocent 'John the Baptist' ( good boys/good girls; upright men/women, who  suffer at the cost of Herod and Herodias) will come to an end.

   Only in the love of God, young girls/women will learn to adorn themselves modestly and men will learn to truly love women and treat them with dignity.

* through the original sin, lust entered our being. It is not the body that is distracting , but the lust which dwells in our being, that manipulates our behavior. The 'Tempter' shrewdly acts on our lust, when we are weak in our faith in God and totally devoid of God. The reason, why many youngsters fall into sin and disrespect each others bodies, is because they lack the grace of God, to keep away from sin and they lack the strength of good conscience. We make ourselves puppets in the hands of the 'Tempter', to be manipulated and defiled, owing to our lack of faith in God and good relationship with God. Instead of blaming each other's weakness, it is only prudent to reconcile with God. This is the only solution for the end of " rape culture ".

I would expect young boys/men to take the first step in reconciling themselves with God. Without this, you can't help yourself to be called as " lustful men ".

     And I'll also request young girls/women to keep away from the natural instinct of Eve ( seeking vanity). It was Eve, who first tasted the forbidden fruit and led mankind to sin . And now, those who follow her (Eve ) instincts, taste every kind of vanity. In any case, you don't want yourself to be termed as " brazen ". Do you?