Saturday, 26 November 2016

Daily Word

This is a logo design for the daily bread of God- for our life
Daily Word

" Daily Word " is a bread of Eternal Life, which gives life to our soul. Lord Jesus said : " I am the Bread of Life... the words I have spoken to you are  spirit and they are life.
        Keeping this in mind , I designed the logo with " DAILY WORD= DAILY BREAD= DAILY NOURISHMENT " as the prime focus.

 " W "  is in the form of Hands. Hands of the Church- which in the name of God, preaches Good News- breaking the Bread- Word-of-God , for the people.

The centre of " W "- the steeple-  indicates the Church.

The 'Red cross'  indicates the passion of Our Lord- the suffering; the sacrifice.

" O " is in the form of Bread.

" r " is  drawn in the form of a sprout- in green color, indicating  new life.  ' Daily Word ' gives New Life to the People.

The vertical line of " D " indicates the breaking of the bread.

The Blue background indicates universality.  Daily Word is preached to all, despite the caste, creed or color.

The word, " Daily " is in yellow- symbolic of day.

P.S.  I created this logo design, specially for  Silent Unity's  " Daily Word " spiritual magazine- as my thanksgiving to their generosity.

Many years back, when ' Silent Unity ' were operating in India, they sent me complementary copies of their magazine for considerable time. This logo design is my appreciation for their magnanimity.