Monday, 21 November 2016

Lord, I Believe.

This picture is a symbolic representation of our growing Faith in God.
Lord, I Believe

In the picture, 'mountain' denotes ourselves .

'sea' denotes ignorance.

'clouds' denotes our faith- expressed in prayer.

The protruding 'tip of the mountain' denotes our little faith in God. It is verdant green and lively because of our active faith in God- we grow, because we believe in God.

The part of the mountain submerged under the water is unproductive and worthless because of our unbelief in God.

The darkness under the Surface of the water denotes our unbelief in God. Our unbelief blocks the *light of God.

*light, that gives life to our soul.
light, that nourishes our life.
light, that gives peace to our being.