Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Always be Joyful, in the Lord

It is quite unbelievable and very difficult to accept the Holy words – “Always be Joyful in the Lord”. [Philippians 4:4]

   A day is filled with variety of moments: a moment of anxiety; a moment of pain; a moment of vain curiosity; a moment of sinful pleasures; a moment of sin; a moment of temptation; a moment of despair; a moment of disbelief in God; a moment of pride; a moment of hatred; a moment of laxity; a moment of aridity. On the contrary, to be Joyful in the Lord, in the midst of all these varied moments, seems to be an impossible task on our part.

   God offers each one of us, a choice: to choose Life or Death. On one side, there are these sinful feelings, that make us feel miserable throughout the day and bring death to our soul. On the other side, there is the saving help of Our Lord, inviting us to partake in HIS Joy. A joy that proclaims that HE is risen. HE has won victory over death and sin. We are invited to live in this Joy with HIM– not just for a moment! But for all the moments of our life- till we see HIM face-to-face, in HIS Eternal Kingdom.

   It is only through Faith in HIM, that we partake of HIS Joy. A Faith that humbly believes, we are forgiven in HIM. A Faith that believes, HE has died for our sins. A kind of Faith, that believes, that our entire sinful life cannot be greater than the Grace and Joy which HE has to offer us.

   HE only asks of us, to let go of the sinful feelings, that burdens us.

Is it too difficult a task, to let go of the sinful and guilt feelings and to accept HIS Joy, through Faith in HIM?

   Through our disbelief, we carry the burden of misery, all the days of our life; but through our humble Faith in HIM, we are healed in a moment.

Just, one step– and we leave the chain of miserable life and enter into HIS 'Joyful Life'.

    Does that mean that we’ll never commit sin or we’ll never be burdened by the cares and worries of this life?

    HE says: “Day’s own trouble will be sufficient for the day". A day will not be free from sin and trouble. Our Life is a choiceful living . Each moment of each day is presented with misery and 'Joy-in-the-Lord'. We have to make a wise decision in letting go misery and prudently choose Joy.

    In this manner, we’ll live our life, like little children- they cling to their mother, for every little thing they need. They find peace in their mother’s presence. The Kingdom of Heaven, belongs to those who live their life- just like little children.
    Let nothing separate us from the Joy of our Lord. Every moment, when we are bitten by misery and sins of this life, let us turn to our Lord- in the manner of little children. For in HIM alone, we’ll find solace for our troubled heart.

    We don’t have to wait for something Good to happen to us, to make us feel Joyful. The Joy of the Risen Lord, is always near us. HE is our joy and Happiness. It is for us HE died. It is for us, HE came to bring salvation in this world. HE offers us HIS Joy, unconditionally– despite our unworthiness.

           Holiness is just a step away. Cling to it firmly!