Tuesday, 18 October 2016


God has given each person a gift of freewill1. This freewill ought to be guarded and directed by the Grace of God- constantly. The Grace of God helps the freewill to moderate our feelings; desires and emotions.

    On the Contrary, if the freewill is left unguarded, it becomes vulnerable to evil. The tempter acts on the weakness of human beings. Freewill is the most difficult weakness of human beings. The tempter acts on the freewill and manipulates every feelings; desires and emotions to go wild- every kind of evil activity happening in the world is the result of unguarded freewill.

Without God's presence in our life, steering the freewill becomes the most difficult task.

1.since our first parents failed in their faithful obedience to God- with the knowledge of Good and evil, the gift of freewill came into action. Now, steering the helm of freewill and wading through the stormy waves of life, becomes our daily struggle.)