Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Be(a)ware of ' Amnon's Love'

This kind of Love pursues; befriends and Loves -only to betray and hurt you.This kind of deceptive love, only leads to the final moment of betrayal. The only aim of 'Amnon's love' is Carnal pleasure. It will apply every trick of deception to achieve its goal. 'Amnon's love' is a carnal love- it sees no morality; it seeks no morality.

A man who is made for love and for marriage, will not let his sexuality, mess the love relationship.
    Oh woman ! who will guard your love life and instruct your love life- if you stay away from the God of faithful love. Oh woman (in love), can you recognize a man who pursues you with 'Amnon's love'- only to disgrace you?

Only those1 who love God and are careful to avoid any kind of defilement- God of faithful love comes to their rescue.

1. People who live according to the commandments of God, namely 'Susanna'.[ Read Daniel 13 ]

Amnon : Read 2Samuel 13 [ Amnon and Tamar ]