Thursday, 20 October 2016

God is our security

There is no better security, than God.
A nation with all its military strength, will not be able to defend the enemy (evil) if it turned away from God.
A person without God;
A family without God;
A community without God;
A Nation without God,  becomes enemy's (the tempter's) playground.
The prince of this world, has the power over all our will and forces of nature.He can easily manipulate our will- if our will is not under the subjection of God. He can disturb a person's well-being, to the point of fatal destruction. He can create havoc among the family members. He can disrupt the whole community. He can engage nation to fight against nation. He can employ forces of nature, to put everything to destruction.

To cause disorder and disharmony, is the dangerous game, which he likes to play- and you cannot blame God ! Because you never belonged to God- you never accepted God as your salvation. So, God will allow afflictions, for your own good.

Security of the Nation, is in remaining Faithful to the Love-of-God.