Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Faith is found through humility in God

Two thousand years ago, when "Truth"1 was visible  and miracles of faith  were visible- yet, people hardened their hearts to believe in God. Those who searched for faith in their eagerness and humility, found it and were saved. Those who hardened their hearts against the "Truth" , even after witnessing the miracles of  faith- were left to die in their sins [John 8:24].

  Now- after two thousand years, when "Truth" cannot be visibly sought- it Can be  found through humility, in the Holy scriptures. The word of God, is the living Spirit, which can help our lost faith to be found in God. Only those who seek the word of God, in their eagerness and humility [like zacchaeus]-  the "Truth" will Come home to them and set them free from every kind of slavery . And faith will bring them to light. But those of hardened hearts, who  with their vain reasoning,  seek the word of God to justify themselves- they will get more entangled in the sin of unbelief, than ever before.

Faith is found by humbly seeking the Truth.

1. Jesus Christ.