Saturday, 22 October 2016

Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter

Two prototypical examples of two paths of life are Judas Iscariot and Simon peter.
Both of them offended the Lord, through the weakness of their weak faith. And both of them reacted differently, through their faith.

Peter became aware of his weakness ( his sin ) through his humility in God and persevered in Christ. On the other hand, Judas was overcome by the sense of his guilt and his lack of trust in the Mercy of God and was  led to damnation.

Likewise, a Christian1 Believer perseveres in God, despite his weak faith; weak human nature and weak understanding- while an Atheist2 is overcome by his pride; his stubbornness and lack of trust in God.

1. in the manner of peter

2. in the manner of Judas

( Judas was not an Atheist. But his unfruitful faith and lack of trust in the Mercy of God, makes him no better than an Atheist. )