Thursday, 20 October 2016


To be humble before God, means-
- to put your complete trust in God.
- to completely submit to God.
- to let God, take the driver's seat.
- to leave your anxiety and worries to God.
- to unload your burden onto God.
-to listen to HIM (through prayer and Holy Scriptures)
- to set your heart on HIS kingdom. 
- to love God, above all created things.
- to practice Love.                                                     
- to drive away wickedness from your heart- from your life.
 - to make God's word, your home- your refuge.
 - to kindly accept the *gifts which God has given us- without complaining. 
 - to faithfully do the task, which God has assigned us to do.

* talents; potentials; strengths; weaknesses; skills; virtues; Life.