Saturday, 22 October 2016

Life- a chess game

Life is like a chess game.  Your opponent is 'Satan'- the enemy of God; the enemy of your soul. The moves you make- the decisions you take in your life; the principles by which you live; your faith or unbelief in God, affects your life. While journeying through life, you need to be aware of your *opponent's moves, lest you loose the battle. since your opponent is no visible being- but the principalities of darkness. You need to be even more cautious. Living your life in God or devoid of God, without being aware of your enemy(the tempter) is a foolish mistake. people who live a life of faith in God, without being aware of the presence of the enemy, falls an easy prey to the 'tempter'.    
     The only way to defend your opponent's moves, is by living in the love of God- through Prayer; Scripture reading; Spiritual reading; attending Holy Mass. Your opponent is a shrewd player. He will never give up on you. He has the power to influence your moves and direct your life. Your *lack of faith in God, provides him greater advantage  to win the battle and enslave your soul. A life of *Humility in God, will secure your life and defend enemy's tactics to win your soul.
    Another weakness of the world, is to disbelieve in the existence of evil- this again, is to his greatest advantage, in confusing human minds and misleading them.
    Wise living is a watchful living- being constantly aware of the signs of the times and the motions of your heart- where your heart  leads you. A heart that is influenced by the vanities of the world is enslaved by the 'tempter' and is on the way to destruction. A heart that treasures God, is full of light and no infernal force can overpower it.

* how the world is influencing your thoughts; your life etc.

*Your lack of faith in God, leads you to sin of pride, which eventually ends in fatal damnation.

*Humble  submission to God.