Wednesday, 19 October 2016


The youthful relationship is particularly meant to know each Other well- emotionally, psychologically and spiritually- how each person feels, thinks and understands. It helps to know each Others' differences- to know each Others' strengths. Boyfriend-Girlfriend type of relationship is an experimental ground to practice Trust; Purity and  Commitment in relationship. A good healthy relationship will keep  every kind of youthful immorality away and thus avoid the 'youthful mess' (Abortions; unwanted pregnancies; use of Contraceptives; break-ups etc.)
       The beauty of this relationship is- you are living precious moments of your life with someone you love and someone you long to be with. An upright  relationship will make you into a Man and Woman- pleasing to God. Furthermore, it will eventually prepare a base for stable relationship in the future. Additionally, it will teach you to love and respect one another.

      Boyfriend-Girlfriend type of relationship is not meant to explore the physical side of your being. Indulging yourself in a tainted relationship, is a form of wickedness. And wickedness, is a sin which is abhorrent to God.