Saturday, 22 October 2016

Paths of Life

There are two paths of life viz. the way of Christ and the way of the world.

The way of Christ is  of Love- love which believes in God.
The way of the world is of Love- which is devoid of God.

The way of Christ  passes through *suffering and leads to Eternal Glory.
The way of the world suffers due to human weakness and wickedness and perishes into Eternal damnation.

The way of Christ enjoys Peace and Joy in the midst of sufferings and lasts till the end of life.
The way of the world lulls into mesmeric Peace, which brings *anxiety at the end of life.

*suffering at the hands of the unjust world.
*anxiety, which eats the soul.

(The prince of  this world is shrewd and his ways seem similar to that of light, but eventually, it deceives from reaching the Eternal light.)